Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Family.. My Safest Zone

When was the last time you had a day out together with just your family without.. I repeat W-I-T-H-O-U-T any single arguements? Sour faces?

Last week, was my first ever time.. a day out with my family without having any misunderstandings, without the showing of sour faces. If my sister were to stumble upon this post, she would clearly know what I'm typing about. *lol*

Spending time with family doesn't mean we have to be using alot of money. And even the places you least think of going, are the places which brings you joy the most. And yeh, we went to the KL Bird Park.

I'm a fucking Malaysian and I haven't any idea where the fucking bird park is. And when I think about it, I feel fucking lame.

*MALAYSIA BO............LEEEEHHHH..eehhhhh... ehhhh..ehh..*
and the patriotic shouts from me fades away in the background*

Less talk. On with pictures.

Where the sun starts shining through the green leaves and the rays drop upon your face, you are like angel that fills my life with joy and plenty of laughters.

My parents who has supported and encouraged me through 23 years of life. 23 YEARS.
I would have gotten bored.
The wonders of having parents are, they stick with you through thick and thin.
And even now, I'm at my lowest point in life, there were the many naggings, late-night shoutings..
you were always there.

And when you start thinking of sometimes how annoying your parents can be,
it's rather much annoying when you have an older sister and her bf in your life.
The lovebirds who are always behind my back.
And yeh, not too mention..
free meals at times.

Nevertheless, I've always loved you. And still am.

And who says when you reach adulthood you can't act like a kid?
This are best moments in life when I threw away all my thoughts and burdens
replace it with high-pitched screams and laughters.

But the highlight of it all...

was my dad.

*Birdpark keeper removes a bag that covers that stone statue*

DAD, MUM and I : What the fuck is that thing..?
DAD: ... *thinks*
MUM: .... *thinks*.......
ME: Why the fuck they need to cover.. Stone only ma..! So special mehh??

Dad walks over to the stone statue.

DAD: I think is a bird cage laa..!! See..!! Got small gate wan...
ME: WTF?.. What bird need to cover until like tht laaa..
DAD: Eh... Apa ini aaa?? *scratches head*
Birdpark Keeper: .............................................................Speaker laa.

All of us: WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad sheepishly smiled and walked away...

Dam bodoh dot com can die.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Sighing ain't going to make things better. That was what I was being told. Having needed to do something but judge the other wasn't something I fancy lot. *sigh*

There we go again.

My brains are filled with thoughts which are flooding. Blood vessels popping. Muscles aching. Stomach cramping.

It'll never go away. No matter how much sacrifices I made, it never seem to be enough. I lack faith. It could be better. But why?

I took a road I shouldn't have. Regret is nothing but a despicable emotion. I tell myself everyday that it is for the better. Things are getting better. But never it seem to be heading that direction. I have so many goals and dreams in life. But it was all thoughts never action.

I want to change for the better. But in the end, I'm only just me.


*double sigh*