Saturday, 7 March 2009


Sighing ain't going to make things better. That was what I was being told. Having needed to do something but judge the other wasn't something I fancy lot. *sigh*

There we go again.

My brains are filled with thoughts which are flooding. Blood vessels popping. Muscles aching. Stomach cramping.

It'll never go away. No matter how much sacrifices I made, it never seem to be enough. I lack faith. It could be better. But why?

I took a road I shouldn't have. Regret is nothing but a despicable emotion. I tell myself everyday that it is for the better. Things are getting better. But never it seem to be heading that direction. I have so many goals and dreams in life. But it was all thoughts never action.

I want to change for the better. But in the end, I'm only just me.


*double sigh*

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milochel said...


Be strong there couz...