Thursday, 25 November 2010

Iphone Fan-fcking-natic

Who owns an Iphone? May it be the 1st gen, 3G, 3GS, 4... Jailbroken or not. Put your hands up...! Put your put your hands up! *doing air-drum*

After all this years of me being a hardcore, SAY NO to overrated Iphones, talk shits about Iphone users, I am now a proud owner of a white back Iphone 3GS 16gb, 3Gig data plan monthly (Srsly, I can't seem to fully utilize the 3Gig data) for the last 5 months. After being a not so loyal user jumping from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry... getting different models from the same maker, I'd figured Iphone was the next choice to go. I think.

What's so nice about Iphone? Fcking up the phone to be JB-ed for only purpose of being able to download full-paid games, apps for whatever and whatever. Not to say the phone was beautifully blessed with a "WORKING" bloody bluetooth which well, DOES NOT function like any ordinary Bluetooth use. Being the bluetooth to only connect to another user to play only certain games. You cannot transfer photos, ringtones or apps using the built-in Bluetooth on your Iphone. Oh wait, I rephrase... You can. If your phone is JB-ed you can go over to CYDIA to download the external Bluetooth app to do so. One is paid while the other is not. Well, since my Iphone is JB-ed, I got the both of it to try it out. Heck. Paid one on CYDIA, well, you gotta really pay for it. =.= So no. (I'm a cheapo) The not paid one... WOOHOO! It worked perfectly or so I thought. I could transfer photos, ringtones, files... ALL except the games apps. Hell no. Nothing is perfect.

So yea, the only reason I am thinking about this topic is not really talking about the pros and cons of the Iphone. I was wanting to "share" (cough, more like fcking) the users of the Iphone.

Ok here goes. The first time I actually touch an Iphone, was my sisters. She bought it way back then, albeit more expensive comparing to now for an Iphone 3G. Touch touch here. Touch touch there. Diu. Nothing fancy also. Just another overrated touch screen phone. Ok done. Next is when I actually have friends who are using Iphone. The fcking bloody moment they sit down (haven't even order drinks... okok... haven't even fully seated down) they take their Iphone out and God knows what they doing.

5 mins later. They put it back into their pocket. 2 mins later, they take it out and play again. What the hell is wrong with you??? Is there so many things to be looking at while you are out yum-cha? I get really irritated is when I have limited time to sit around to have drinks, and all they spend the limited time playing with their Iphone.

Ok. I play with my Iphone too. BUT I do not take them out like every single minute of the day.

And what about those people who changes the cover like every single day? Ok. Cough. Cough. I am one of them. HAHAHA. Not to the extend of changing it everyday. More like every month or so. The current one I'm using is a neon orange which only glows during the day. Yea. Did I mention it correctly? Yes. It only glows in the day. I have bought a few more covers which is being borrowed. More like taken. =.= And yes, I am actually that stupid enough to go buy the covers from Mac City.

What else do I get irritated? Oh yes. What do you call that? Whatsapp. Or Ping chat. Or whatever app that it's the same function as the BBM. I don't know why. But if I wanted to talk to someone, I'll call. Or text. Yea yea, it's free. So what? It's still running on your data to run the app isn't it? So much for being free. And what are the odds of being around WIFI 24/7? Wait, does Whatsapp run with WIFI too? Heck. Don't know. Don't care. Don't give a fck. I srsly wouldn't want to have a quiet, romantic time with a special someone and there goes the phone beeping away. No fcking way.

I am a cheapo. Eventhough I have Ebuddy, Facebook or Twitter on my Iphone... I have off all the notifications. Because I even off my 3G when I'm not using. Find that useless or not... If I wanted to check my FB, or Twitter or what nots, I'll just log in, check them, log out. I don't feel the need to be found online 24/7.

Put aside BB users. I'm only annoyed with the Iphone users. Including myself. *scratch balls*

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Un-breakable Bond?

Days are a bore when it starts to rain. And when it does, it rains for hours.

Song currently on my mind...? Rain by Creed.

I really do think I need to own an umbrella. But the thought of having it just puts me off. It's heavy (Ok, not that heavy) to leave it in my bag. When I actually have to use it, it gets wet and then I'll have to hold it. Lazy. Plus, I think the umbrella doesn't like me very much. 10/10 times using it, 10/10 times getting my fingers clamped when I close it. Nay.

Anyhoos, it's been pretty weird. My baby girl has been so attached to me for no apparent reason. And what I meant was she sleeps in my mom's room. All this while for the past 3-4 years or so. I don't know why but she refuses to sleep in my room. She doesn't mind coming into my room to play, but she does not like sleeping in my room. She said she was scared. HUH?! (Ok, do not scare myself now) So, I allow her to have her freedom in choosing where she wants to sleep. But I fret not because yea, she's a lot more closer to my parents, especially my mum. Due to the fact that I have to work and my mum takes care of her throughout the afternoon?

But then, just yesterday night... (apparently she cried first when she was in my mums room) my mum came into my room with my baby girl with puffy eyes and her red nose, saying " I want Mummy". So I told her to come on the bed and tell me why is she crying. And she said " I want Mummy...." (cries even more). So I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me and she said yes. Done.

... half hour later

"Mummy, when I sleep... (sobs between words) you.. you.. carry me to grandma room okehhh?"

Eventually she DID NOT sleep because she refuses to close her eyes, I asked her if she wanted to go back to my mums room. She said yes. So I took her back there. Done. (Finally I could get some winks as it was really late)

... 10 minutes later

She was back in my room.


Patted her to sleep while counting the glow-in-the-dark stars I had all over the ceiling and wall of my room with her, she finally slept.

Next morning came, I had to go to work. Dad dropped me off while mum and baby girl tag along as they wanted to head out to the morning market. Baby girl started crying again. Sigh.

The hardest part? Walking off into the office building while seeing her crying her heart out.

The best part? Coming back home to see a smile on her face, knowing she was looking forward to see you.

I questioned myself. Bliss can be painful at times.

The Love I Have For You Is Unimaginable.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rise From The Dead... No. BED!

Wow. It's been 5 months not blogging already?

I have been getting jammed up with work. Or so to say I have been extremely lazy to post anything here.

But here's a little re-cap of what's been going on. If I can remember minus the little details.

Workload has been increasingly burdening with the fact that I'm given the responsibility to handle such trivial and tedious task. Knowingly the consequences playing in the back of head truly isn't helping much. And with my boss in Aussie had taken a long month vacation leave, work has never been the same. And so much to know that he is posting the places where he is vacation-ing leaves me much in envy. From Melbourne, to Singapore, back to Cairns, Aus. Then off he went back to Singapore, to Frankfurt, to London, took a cruise at Southampton, to Spain, and now currently I last checked, he's at Miami. Boo you! But best part yet, I was given the green light to message him on FB for any "urgent/serious" matter to inform him to check his email. Bad choice! Bad choice. *grins evilly*

But that's just that much about work.

Other than that, my little one is getting off from kindy real soon for the end-year vacation till school re-opens next year. Glad to say that I need not have to fork out that much of money for kindy fees no more. Now all we need is BIGGER school bag to fit in all the notorious text books. I still vaguely remember I never needed to carry such heavy load to school. But nowadays I pity schoolchildren to having heave the burden of heavy textbooks in their bag. They're literally back hunching at the age of 7. I do need a checklist for this. Really.

And so with my little one, I have been happily blessed to be attending her kindy sports day, where she has won herself 1 gold and 1 silver medal (clap clap) which photos can be viewed via my FB, if you have me. Attending her graduation where she finally wore her graduation robe and hat with awesome-looking hard cover book of her graduation certificate with photos of her kindy mates and a portrait of herself.

Primary school! Here we come!

What else have I missed out on? Ah, just general... my sister's toy poodle has been an addition to the family. Sister's 27th birthday came and gone and looking forward for my mums. Annual dinner of my company is just around. Can't remember much of others.

Oh! And last but not least. I would like to congratulate to my dear friend, Li Ann and Lam for their engagement. Sorry I could not be there to witness this joyous moment of yours in which you had in mine previously. Definitely will try my best to attend your wedding ceremony! Fingers crossed to have everything run sailing smooth next year.

And to you others, the year has about to come to an end pretty soon. Have you all mapped out your plans for next year yet? Me? No, not yet.

Soon... I guess!