Monday, 6 December 2010

Faces of People

Are you working? I bet most of you are. Are you working in an office environment where your desktop a.k.a computer/laptop whatever fuck top is your main asset to do your work?

Mine does. Every single one of us in the company that I'm working has a desktop each. Flat LCD monitor that comes with a keyboard and a mouse (Duh!) and a hardphone. Oh. Fret not. Our hardphones are never allowed to be used for personal calls. Whatever it is, I am not talking about what we have/have not in the office. I'm more like wanting to talk about the shittiest kind of characters you can find in an office.

Ok. So some of you work in a company which does not exceed more than 10 employees. Some close to 30. On a bigger threshold, some even close to 50. But my company has more than a 100 employees and I have gave up counting from the second week onwards since. We're ranged from different departments and currently 2 different floors. I would say 3/4 of the employess are the agents whereby they answer calls, and half in the remaining 1/4 is the management and the administration side. Well, I'm in the administration side. I gave up answering calls more than a year ago.

Have you ever gotten annoyed with certain colleagues? Dislike or just basically want nothing to do with them?

Let me list down the many characters that I have seen so far.

1. First we have the really snobby/stuck up ones whom they strongly agree to themselves that they are the most important asset to the company but doesn't give any input.

2. Then we have the just-got-promoted ones and have a sign on their head that says "I'm right, you're wrong."

3. Next is the super-friendly-can-talk-to-anybody ones but fact is everyone hadn't any choice but to "layan" because they simply just haven't had the heart to shut you up in your face.

4. And those "we love" are those people who only mixes in their own circle of cliques, where you walk pass them and they give you this awesome stare from the ends of hair to the tip of your toe.

5. What else? The loud-mouths. Those who talks like a loudspeaker and never have the conscience that some people are not interested to listen to whatever you are saying.

6. Then we come to those who pretends to be busy by slamming the fucking "Enter" button on the keyboard repeatedly and always heaving sighs to show dismay.

7. Then we have those who does their work but also having a few other windows open in the smallest size you can ever imagine to stream Youtube and Facebook. (Well, I do too. =P Just that I don't use my office comp. That's what Iphones are for. LOL.)

8. The ones that comes to work dressing like a slut. Ok. Rephrase. My company has an open policy whereby we can wear whatever we want to with of course giving us the trust ability that we do not over-dressed or under-dressed. The most common ones we have are the shirt, shorts and flip flops. Then we have the shirt, jeans, heels. Then we have the more dressier ones like tubes, skirts and platforms/wedges. (Ok fine. I'm more like dissing the females here) Then we have the killer ones like super-tight- skimpy-short dresses with boots/extreme heels.

9. Anymore? YES! We have the I'm-so-hot-I-can-get-all-the-girls ones. There are a handful of male employees here who thinks that they are all that. Hitting on every girl they can hit. With no respect during conversation (as in they talk to you like they are so fucking close to you that they think they have the rights to give you names like sweetie, honey, dear etc). Where the fuck has the harrasment rights flew to!?

10. And last (I have lots more but lets just keep it to 10 for now) the ones that takes anything/everything from your table without permission. There are always ongoing emails from "Who took my charger" to "I lost my phone". Srsly, haven't they heard of taking care of your own belongings? I wouldn't blame the person who took it. I blame the person who brought their "expensive" items from Ipods, personal laptops, mini speakers etc to work and leave it out in the open. And who's to blame? There are too many people around and there isn't any slightest chance that you can point your finger at. (Plus no CCTV inside the office, just the entrance and the lifts). Good luck.

Have you encounter any of the characters in the list? Oh? You have better ones? Come comment and share your worst.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Iphone Fan-fcking-natic

Who owns an Iphone? May it be the 1st gen, 3G, 3GS, 4... Jailbroken or not. Put your hands up...! Put your put your hands up! *doing air-drum*

After all this years of me being a hardcore, SAY NO to overrated Iphones, talk shits about Iphone users, I am now a proud owner of a white back Iphone 3GS 16gb, 3Gig data plan monthly (Srsly, I can't seem to fully utilize the 3Gig data) for the last 5 months. After being a not so loyal user jumping from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry... getting different models from the same maker, I'd figured Iphone was the next choice to go. I think.

What's so nice about Iphone? Fcking up the phone to be JB-ed for only purpose of being able to download full-paid games, apps for whatever and whatever. Not to say the phone was beautifully blessed with a "WORKING" bloody bluetooth which well, DOES NOT function like any ordinary Bluetooth use. Being the bluetooth to only connect to another user to play only certain games. You cannot transfer photos, ringtones or apps using the built-in Bluetooth on your Iphone. Oh wait, I rephrase... You can. If your phone is JB-ed you can go over to CYDIA to download the external Bluetooth app to do so. One is paid while the other is not. Well, since my Iphone is JB-ed, I got the both of it to try it out. Heck. Paid one on CYDIA, well, you gotta really pay for it. =.= So no. (I'm a cheapo) The not paid one... WOOHOO! It worked perfectly or so I thought. I could transfer photos, ringtones, files... ALL except the games apps. Hell no. Nothing is perfect.

So yea, the only reason I am thinking about this topic is not really talking about the pros and cons of the Iphone. I was wanting to "share" (cough, more like fcking) the users of the Iphone.

Ok here goes. The first time I actually touch an Iphone, was my sisters. She bought it way back then, albeit more expensive comparing to now for an Iphone 3G. Touch touch here. Touch touch there. Diu. Nothing fancy also. Just another overrated touch screen phone. Ok done. Next is when I actually have friends who are using Iphone. The fcking bloody moment they sit down (haven't even order drinks... okok... haven't even fully seated down) they take their Iphone out and God knows what they doing.

5 mins later. They put it back into their pocket. 2 mins later, they take it out and play again. What the hell is wrong with you??? Is there so many things to be looking at while you are out yum-cha? I get really irritated is when I have limited time to sit around to have drinks, and all they spend the limited time playing with their Iphone.

Ok. I play with my Iphone too. BUT I do not take them out like every single minute of the day.

And what about those people who changes the cover like every single day? Ok. Cough. Cough. I am one of them. HAHAHA. Not to the extend of changing it everyday. More like every month or so. The current one I'm using is a neon orange which only glows during the day. Yea. Did I mention it correctly? Yes. It only glows in the day. I have bought a few more covers which is being borrowed. More like taken. =.= And yes, I am actually that stupid enough to go buy the covers from Mac City.

What else do I get irritated? Oh yes. What do you call that? Whatsapp. Or Ping chat. Or whatever app that it's the same function as the BBM. I don't know why. But if I wanted to talk to someone, I'll call. Or text. Yea yea, it's free. So what? It's still running on your data to run the app isn't it? So much for being free. And what are the odds of being around WIFI 24/7? Wait, does Whatsapp run with WIFI too? Heck. Don't know. Don't care. Don't give a fck. I srsly wouldn't want to have a quiet, romantic time with a special someone and there goes the phone beeping away. No fcking way.

I am a cheapo. Eventhough I have Ebuddy, Facebook or Twitter on my Iphone... I have off all the notifications. Because I even off my 3G when I'm not using. Find that useless or not... If I wanted to check my FB, or Twitter or what nots, I'll just log in, check them, log out. I don't feel the need to be found online 24/7.

Put aside BB users. I'm only annoyed with the Iphone users. Including myself. *scratch balls*

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Un-breakable Bond?

Days are a bore when it starts to rain. And when it does, it rains for hours.

Song currently on my mind...? Rain by Creed.

I really do think I need to own an umbrella. But the thought of having it just puts me off. It's heavy (Ok, not that heavy) to leave it in my bag. When I actually have to use it, it gets wet and then I'll have to hold it. Lazy. Plus, I think the umbrella doesn't like me very much. 10/10 times using it, 10/10 times getting my fingers clamped when I close it. Nay.

Anyhoos, it's been pretty weird. My baby girl has been so attached to me for no apparent reason. And what I meant was she sleeps in my mom's room. All this while for the past 3-4 years or so. I don't know why but she refuses to sleep in my room. She doesn't mind coming into my room to play, but she does not like sleeping in my room. She said she was scared. HUH?! (Ok, do not scare myself now) So, I allow her to have her freedom in choosing where she wants to sleep. But I fret not because yea, she's a lot more closer to my parents, especially my mum. Due to the fact that I have to work and my mum takes care of her throughout the afternoon?

But then, just yesterday night... (apparently she cried first when she was in my mums room) my mum came into my room with my baby girl with puffy eyes and her red nose, saying " I want Mummy". So I told her to come on the bed and tell me why is she crying. And she said " I want Mummy...." (cries even more). So I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me and she said yes. Done.

... half hour later

"Mummy, when I sleep... (sobs between words) you.. you.. carry me to grandma room okehhh?"

Eventually she DID NOT sleep because she refuses to close her eyes, I asked her if she wanted to go back to my mums room. She said yes. So I took her back there. Done. (Finally I could get some winks as it was really late)

... 10 minutes later

She was back in my room.


Patted her to sleep while counting the glow-in-the-dark stars I had all over the ceiling and wall of my room with her, she finally slept.

Next morning came, I had to go to work. Dad dropped me off while mum and baby girl tag along as they wanted to head out to the morning market. Baby girl started crying again. Sigh.

The hardest part? Walking off into the office building while seeing her crying her heart out.

The best part? Coming back home to see a smile on her face, knowing she was looking forward to see you.

I questioned myself. Bliss can be painful at times.

The Love I Have For You Is Unimaginable.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rise From The Dead... No. BED!

Wow. It's been 5 months not blogging already?

I have been getting jammed up with work. Or so to say I have been extremely lazy to post anything here.

But here's a little re-cap of what's been going on. If I can remember minus the little details.

Workload has been increasingly burdening with the fact that I'm given the responsibility to handle such trivial and tedious task. Knowingly the consequences playing in the back of head truly isn't helping much. And with my boss in Aussie had taken a long month vacation leave, work has never been the same. And so much to know that he is posting the places where he is vacation-ing leaves me much in envy. From Melbourne, to Singapore, back to Cairns, Aus. Then off he went back to Singapore, to Frankfurt, to London, took a cruise at Southampton, to Spain, and now currently I last checked, he's at Miami. Boo you! But best part yet, I was given the green light to message him on FB for any "urgent/serious" matter to inform him to check his email. Bad choice! Bad choice. *grins evilly*

But that's just that much about work.

Other than that, my little one is getting off from kindy real soon for the end-year vacation till school re-opens next year. Glad to say that I need not have to fork out that much of money for kindy fees no more. Now all we need is BIGGER school bag to fit in all the notorious text books. I still vaguely remember I never needed to carry such heavy load to school. But nowadays I pity schoolchildren to having heave the burden of heavy textbooks in their bag. They're literally back hunching at the age of 7. I do need a checklist for this. Really.

And so with my little one, I have been happily blessed to be attending her kindy sports day, where she has won herself 1 gold and 1 silver medal (clap clap) which photos can be viewed via my FB, if you have me. Attending her graduation where she finally wore her graduation robe and hat with awesome-looking hard cover book of her graduation certificate with photos of her kindy mates and a portrait of herself.

Primary school! Here we come!

What else have I missed out on? Ah, just general... my sister's toy poodle has been an addition to the family. Sister's 27th birthday came and gone and looking forward for my mums. Annual dinner of my company is just around. Can't remember much of others.

Oh! And last but not least. I would like to congratulate to my dear friend, Li Ann and Lam for their engagement. Sorry I could not be there to witness this joyous moment of yours in which you had in mine previously. Definitely will try my best to attend your wedding ceremony! Fingers crossed to have everything run sailing smooth next year.

And to you others, the year has about to come to an end pretty soon. Have you all mapped out your plans for next year yet? Me? No, not yet.

Soon... I guess!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I think I have to rename my blog to

Don't know what to post. No inspiring story. Lazy to crap. No talk cock sing song. Blogger block. No pics. Boring.

So the FIFA games started not too long ago. The mamak's and all are still pretty much empty during game-offs. Thank God. (The only reason why I'm talking bout FIFA is just because I'm making personal bets) Which is dumb. Cos' #1 I don't watch football. #2 I don't understand anything about football. #3 I don't even know which to bet on. #4 What's the player name also don't know. #5 Rules also don't know. #6 What also don't know. Best part is using my best friend which is and just briefly read about the team and then simply bet on whoever I think is best. I don't bet much. RM10 per game is already killing. At the moment, I'm on the losing end. Finally won once on Argentina. But that was basically very much predictable. So, RM10 + RM10 + RM10 + RM10...... and keeps going and going... U do the math. * Grr *

.............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody hell. I just took a peek to see the score on Greece vs Nigeria.

Ok. I need to scream.


This is my winning ratio. 1 : 10

How cannnnnnnnnnnnnnn....!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....!!!

Next bet. France vs Mexico. Come on France. Don't bloody let me lose money now.


Ok. One pic to end post. Good night. No mood.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

One two... Let's Go!

While I sheepishly smile to myself on the thought that "HEY! Another lousy year gone by", everything else goes to green zone. Time still flies and waits for no man. I am grounded with that. Yes. However much I depressed myself since the last week, it flew by with no stop. Even If I had stopped to do something, the minute goes by. And I am grateful for that. Really.

Everyone hears the same old - same old term. One year older one year wiser. And unfortunately, I have never been wiser. I mean, I am a little wiser but I'm still me. How much I hated getting older day after day, seeing my baby girl all grown up has been a wonderful yet a tremendous exciting journey. While she was all small, wrapped in woolly pink and white cloth, there goes the dilemma of choosing the never-ending drama of how to dress your kid up, temper-throwing tantrums, eating habits, schools, education, tuition etc.

Despite all that, it's a heart-pumping experience to see how she grew. While I very much experimented certain things on her like piercing her ears at the tender age of 2, tying her hair in all sorts of patterns... She has never failed to put a smile on my face in between the rage that sometimes she gets me into.

Somehow or rather, I never do see myself as the perfect mum but yes I do want the best of things for her. It's rather difficult for me to see her grow with just a single parent myself but she gets plentiful of love from my family and friends. That I'm thankful for. Sometimes I wonder does she really know what's REALLY going on. I do wonder what goes on in that little mind of hers.

But push aside all the unforeseen and all uneventful matter, she is turning 6! Mummy's girl is a big girl now and paving her way into primary. Ahh. While I thank God that her kindy fees are finally over, primary school should be less expensive. But I fret. School books. Uniforms and all that. No wonder people are tying their tubes. Lol.

I hope for the better.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Here it comes!

It's that time of year again. Everywhere you go will be promotions for Mothers Day. The many ways of advertising. Banners, colorful signage, stage events, hi-tea buffets, gifts and etc.

So what have you laid out for your mom this year round? I'm just planning to have a quiet day spending it with my daughter and my mom and of course my sis and dad included. Everywhere will be hectic. The malls especially. Can't run away from the norm of it.

Yesterday as I got back home and went to my moms room where my baby girl was out, she saw me and she went "Oh! I forgot......." and she put her hands on her mouth. I asked her "Forgot about what?" She kept quiet and was looking at my mum. I was highly anticipating what has she done. Finally I got to know that she had made me something and her teacher at kindy had told her and the rest of her kindy-mates to only surprise their mothers on the actual day itself. And wa laa! She "kantoi" herself. So mom took her down to retrieve this "thing" she had made for me and she was making sure that I close my eyes. She came back, stood in front of me and said "Happy Mothers Day!" and gave me this printed A4 size paper folded into four mimicking a greeting card proudly showing me the dutiful-ness of the coloring that she did by herself.

Excited not?

Here's to all mothers, soon-to-be mothers, grandmothers...



Saturday, 1 May 2010

I know right?

My friends have been complaining about my dead blog. But on the serious note, I hadn't any moments where I felt like updating or sharing anything. Much to know that everyday has been a cycle recycling itself.

Work has been mundane. Even after my manager from Australia came down purpose was to train me to do more work, it had been like any other day. Stoned. I really am not sure if I'm doing everything too fast. But I seriously couldnt' help it. It seemed like every one I knew is leaving the company. The turnover is so bad till much to my realization the company is really taking a toll on all the seniors there. I admit that there will be no other place like my company who's paying me this much on the job scope that I'm doing right now. I had a friend who was asking me to join her company on much to the same job scope but they were offering a thousand ringgit less. You gotta be effin' kidding me. Sigh.

On the contrary, life/family had been well... up and down. My daughter had given me a shock of my life when the visit to the hospital at midnight had deemed a real impromptu experience. But she's all well and healthy now. Thanks to all the hospital bills, mine and hers. I'm having so much of a headache paying it off bit by bit. I'm thinking of doing a part time job aside my full time right now but I'm gonna die doing it again. Juggling off 3 jobs at one go previously had really taken a toll on everything. And knowing that, I do not wish doing it again. But I'm just hoping for the better. A promotion? A bonus? Another raise? Could help alot.

Lets take a chill pill shall we?

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Hi all,

Sorry for not updating for the whole of Feb till now. I was being extremely lazy and haven't got any motivation to blog at all.

Here is just a post to let ya'll know that I'm still alive and the blog isn't dead yet. Will be updating in a few days time so just wait up yea?

Thanks for dropping by if you have been visiting every once in a while. Truly appreciate it.

Last but never the least...

30STM rocks my socks!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hospital trip and more!

So, did you guys manage to read my previous post on my nightmare visit to the University Hospital? Few days after that I was contemplating and was merely choosing the right Orthopedic surgeon and the right hospital to go to. After reading one of my reader by the name of Ling, I have decided to give her suggestion a try. So I manage to look up for Dr.Lee Joon Kiong and had made an appointment with him at Tropicana Medical Center.

And the hospital is way out of my expectation. It was quiet, clean, service was excellent and of course, like any amount you will be paying at a private hospital.

Dr. Lee was patient and made sure I understood every single word he said. Drawing out pictures to show me what's what and less I realize, I was in the room for almost an hour. After running some basic test on me, he wasn't really happy with it and strongly suspect that I have slip disc. So basically I'm on medication now and going through sessions of physiotherapy every alternate days for 5 times. I will then have to go back and see him and go through some more test. He did advice me to get the MRI scan done as well and getting it done in a private hospital easily would cost me RM800-RM1k. And that's a tad too much money to handle now. So we'll wait for just a while more till I see him again, and see what he says.

Physiotherapy is such a pain. Doing the traction is what I hate most because of the intense belt-like that they have to wrap around the body and leaving me in such a position that I felt worse before starting in.

And tomorrow morning is another torture. Help?

So I went along with my family with my GP's letter and my X-Ray in hand.

Even Dr. Lee said to me, that sometimes doctors can't even read another doctors handwriting.
2 thumbs up for the honesty!

And this is how the hospital look like at where the Specialist/Surgeons clinics were.
Sis was sitting with me in the waiting room reading a magazine.
And on the far end, you can see my mum on the sofa reading
and my daughter lying down playing with my PSP.

The inside of the waiting room. Complimentary tea/coffee/biscuits. Anyone?

Albeit further away. That's my sis!

And this is the view downstairs.

Yesterday morning was my physiotherapy session. I was getting it done at the Sime Darby specialist which was formerly known as Megah Medical Specialist Center.

The 2nd floor where all the clinics were.

That's my mum! Reading a mag to past time while waiting.

And I got so bored after lying down on the bed for more than half hour I decided to take a pic. I got electrocuted by this things with this patches stuck on my back all the way down to my feet.
So called "to put pressure on my nerves" which left me limping for a while.
And this was before the traction torture.

There's more to go through tomorrow morning! Bah!

And of all days, the clouds are making me smiling for once. Without editing, taken with my mobile LG KS360. Loving it!

To top it off, a merry cheery pic of me and my sis. At the hospital.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Doctor, Doctor! Hurry up?

So I've been traveling up and down for the past 3 weeks from the family clinic, to a specialist center, to the hospital and since ever then is the usual back and forth routine.

My family GP doctor had wanting to write a referral letter for me to go the private hospital which then beforehand, my parents were advising me to go to the government hospital first. I have always dislike going to the government hospital. Not that I ever had my fair chance to go to the government hospital, but just accompanying family members last time.

So you know my dilemma right now? I don't think you know it yet. Some of you might think (after reading this whole crap I'm typing) that it is a norm experiencing all this in the government hospital. But I'm just far too pissed off to know what you think because I am never ever stepping a foot into government hospitals again.

I'm gonna tell you why.

On the 5th of January, I started my year by visiting my family GP doctor for a check-up. I have always been having backaches ever since giving birth to A-vys. But recently, the pain I've been getting was far more intense and far more regular. There was never an hour in the day which I can just feel normal. I was having hard time bending and even sitting down for a mere 15 minutes is giving me much pain. So my GP has advised me to get an X-Ray done. Which I did. I went to the Sime Darby Specialist which was formerly known as Megah Medical Center at Taman Megah on the 6th of January. Gotten my X-Ray and collected it in just about an hour or so. Which I thought the service and efficiency was fantastic. Sped off to my GP again, he took a look at the X-Ray, first note off from the GP was that I didn't have any abnormalities but I had scoliosis. So he wrote a letter to PPUM (Pusat Perubatan University Malaysia) which also commonly known as University Hospital.

On the very next day itself, I went to the hospital hoping to see the Orthopaedic surgeon to get a more insight and report on my back. I went there like a lost little puppy. There are the ever-always long queue's and the place is just over-crowded. So I took my number as told by the receptionist and waited. And I waited and waited. Finally about an hour later, my number was called. Went to the counter, gave them the referral letter and was only told to come back on the 13th of January as that was the earliest appointment available and they are limiting the doctor to only see 8 patients a day. I was reluctant to agree to the "earliest appointment". Mum was there with and she interrupted and this was how the conversation went...

Mum : Can't she see the doctor now? How long have to wait?

Lady at the counter : You want see now can...! But you see now is normal GP only-la! What for!?!?

Mum : Hah?!

Lady at the counter : *stares back at me* You how long back ache ar??

Me : 6 years.

Lady at the counter : *stares back at mum* You see! 6 years already for what you want go see GP?? Of course must see the specialist. But have to make appointment la. *takes a book out* Ahh... earliest appointment is 13th Jan at 1pm. Ok aa?

Me : @!!#$!#@! Ah ok laaaa...

Just because she said that, I took her words for it when she made the appointment for me to see the Orthopaedic surgeon on the 13th of Jan. Needless did I think of anything else.

And a long wait for today. So knowingly for the fact the lady had made an appointment for me at 1pm, I got up a little later and reached to the hospital at 12.15pm.

Went to the counter to take the number again. And suddenly the computers there had a malfunctioned and the lights went off a bit. Everyone was quite confuse on what's going on. There were heaps of people trying to press the button on the machine to get a number and the machine wasn't working. I saw some people trying to ask for help at the counter but nobody couldn't cared less. And I was glad that I took my number already. So as I was waiting I saw all this people without a number lining up at counter #1 to get their shits done. Mum was there with me as usual and she went and see what's going on. Mum asked me to just go there since it was almost 1pm for my appointment. So i did.

First up, she took my letter, gave me a number and told me to wait. At that time was 12.45pm. I got my number called at 1.15pm, did registration and then was told to wait for them to call my name. Waited. And my name was finally called at 2.00pm. Followed a nurse to the Orthopaedic clinic and was told to take another number. (At that point of time I was already very much in pain and frustrated) My number was called at 2.30pm, paid some money and was given another bloody number and was told to wait again.

I waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Got hungry. Was in so much pain. And still was waiting. And finally I was glad they called my number. And it was already 4.45pm. Got in the room. Just bloody 10 mins in the room. And I was done.

So you ask me why was I so pissed? I tell you why. I waited for God knows how long and in the end of the day, I was referred back to see another fucking ass GP. And what made me angrier was that she doesn't bloody know what the hell she was doing. I brought my X-ray along. She took it out and placed it on the screen. AND SHE BLOODY PLACED IT UPSIDE DOWN and she has got the balls to tell me, " Hmm, I don't see anything wrong with your back..." HELLO!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? It's the other way round!!!! And all she said was.." Oh, Sorry sorry."

Next nightmare was, another doctor came in and he was really extremely unprofessional. He tapped me on my shoulder and was asking what's wrong. The lady doctor couldn't even explain what's wrong after all that I told her. He asked me to stand and bend over and was asking me if it was painful. OBVIOUSLY!? He was rushing through his words and said," Put her in physiotherapy, make appointment with the spinal surgeon, faster faster!". GOD!! What's with the faster faster!?!? And that hit me. Make appointment with the spinal surgeon?! Am I not talking to one now? NO! She was just a bloody GP. And all she could say to me was, "I think I need to make appointment for you to see the specialist and err... earliest appointment is 4 months later.

She asked me if I had epidural when I gave birth. Because she said sometimes epidural can give an effect later on in the years. I told her I DID NOT had epidural and it was a natural birth. Best part is, she told me this after I told her I DID NOT HAD EPIDURAL. " Oh, I think you get backache because of the epidural"

Bengong!!!!!!!!! Seriously what the fuck!? I already said DID NOT HAD EPIDURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LONG STORY CUT SHORT. Let me summarize for you.

1. I had a letter from a GP to confirm that I need to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon, given the appointment and in the end was thrown back to a GP.

2. Waited for the whole day and no one was considerate enough to tell me where to go or what to do next.

3. I was thrown from 1 counter to another counter.

4. Even waiting to get the medicine, have to take number and waited for freaking 1 hour and there was 10 counters there.

I have alot more to say but I'm getting angrier and angrier by typing all this down.

OH! My meds? Is the same fucking painkillers I can get from wherever even though I had inform them I'm currently taking a 650mg painkillers and it's no use for me because I'm immune to it and they had the nerves to prescribe me the 500mg paracetamol. Which is less. So whats the point eating? You tell me.

The people at the counter loves taking their own sweet time. They don't answer your questions. And even if they do, they talk to you like you are a dumbfuck.

Fuck government hospital. They never gave me a good reason or any a good action on why I should return for my next visit. I won't even bother calling. Thanks to your "excellent" service. The GP there had only me to confirm that they couldn't care less of what you say. Why? Because she didn't bother listening to anything I told her.

I'm going back to Pantai Hospital. The place where I gave birth to A-vys. Yea, I still need to make appointment and yea I still have to wait. But it's better waiting for something that I'm suppose to be getting rather than waiting and being thrown around and thrown back to square 1.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Ya love?

Love eating something sweet? Fancy a bite in something yummy and delicious?

Bright and yummy looking fruit tarts?

Get a melt on spongy looking cakes?

Or maybe swirl the creamy icing cupcakes in your mouth?

To all you sweet-toothed fans out there, do wait for a featured post on this!
I'll let you know where to get your hands on em'.!!

*Pics taken courtesy from Ms. Cherrone*

Monday, 4 January 2010


New year? New look? Nah. It's just more of a new color. Well, not literally new color. Just another color of the color palette.

It's been back to work mode today. Piles of work to be cleared off by Thursday and I'm telling you, my back isn't helping me at all. The constant twitches and pain can be sometimes unbearable. And the fucking chair at my office isn't that oh-so-comfy either.

Training a girl at the office today! *weeee* Means, less hassle on my task as I will be able to divide out some work. Finalizing report on Friday would be more updated.

So how's the New Year been? Mine? Yarghhh. It's just the every other day bullshits. But it's the year of the TIGER! It's my year and I'm gonna make it work. No bloody bitches or bastards will stand in my way!

*NGAUUu...U...u...u... EH?!?!
This is more like a yawn... =.=


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah~ Much better!