Thursday, 21 May 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Princess!!!

*jen sits back and stares into space*

How time flies. Really. It's the 21st of May. A very special day for me to remember. It was 5 years ago when you came into my life. And things have changed ever since.



just a few pics of her when she was smaller. =)

You grow too fast. Stop growing will ya?

I love you dam fucking much. =)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

I got TAGGED..! =)

After many years of blogging, I found myself tagged on tag. Yeah.

Thanks to Rodney . Here is my tag of the week!

  • Besides your lips, where is your favourite spot to get kissed? My neck and ears.
  • How did you feel when you wake up this morning? Feels like crap.
  • Who was the last person/people you took a photo with? My baby girl.
  • Would you consider yourself spoilt? No. I spoil myself more than people spoiling me.
  • Will you ever donate blood? Yes. But I can't. I'm lack of blood as well. And underweight And not healthy.
  • Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex? Yes. In the end, the best friend status went bye-bye.
  • Do you want someone to be dead? Oh YESSS...! *whistles.. doo doo doo*
  • What does your last text message say? "CONGRATS! You just won yourself a pass for 2 Days of Freedom music festival. Call 1300xxxxxx for collection details, weekdays. 10am-6pm. Passes are non-transferable. (YEH...! =) But I thought of giving it out to someone who wanted to go. Trance/House not my kind of style)
  • What are you thinking right now? "Dam long dot com can dieeeee..."
  • Do you want someone to be with you right now? Yes. Desperately.
  • What was the time you went to bed last night? About 5am.
  • Is someone on your mind right now? Yes.
  • Who was the last person who text you? The people from the 2 Days of Freedom.
  • Tag 10 people.... =)
  1. Joshua Ong
  2. Jess Chong (Jess babe)
  3. Sue Lynn Chia
  4. Jynn Looi
  5. Ginny Yap
  6. Choi Lin
  7. Kellster
  8. Junn
  9. Chuan Guan
  10. Wen Zi

  • Who is #2 having a relationship with? With Khai. (I think they're still together. =x)
  • Is #3 a female or male? Female
  • If #7 and #1 get together, would it be good? Hoo..... Yaaaa... =)
  • What is #1 studying about? I dunno.. He working la... I think. Shit.
  • Is #4 single? Nop. She's in a relationship.
  • Say something about #2? Loud. Hyperactive. Not afraid of the world. Daring.
  • What do you think about #3 and #6 together? Not sure. They do not know each other.
  • Describe #9? No ideaaaaaaaa..!!
  • What would you do if #6 and #7 fight? CATFIGHT!... I'd just stand back. Buy popcorn and watch the movie!. LOL =p
  • Do you like #8? As a friend, yes. Long time friend.

I don't expect anyone to do this tag anyway. =) I just needed something to write about.

Happy reading! Will update on more pics and more interesting stuff. Till then.
Have a good week ahead!

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Where Do I Go?

The simplicity of life sometimes do make me wonder how the earth rotates and time flies without waiting. If I could just pause a moment in life, there is so much I can do and just be in linger in the moment I wanted to be in.

But then again, I thought to myself. If there really was a pause button in life that I could just click away, I would never really appreciate life again. I wouldn't look back and remember all the memories because it would just be so easy to turn back time and endeavour in it again whenever I feel like it. But as in life back to the sense of reality, there will never be a pause button no matter how much I wish for it. I could only enjoy the moment, and regain the memories in the future. Sadly, it's not as fantastic as it sounds but it could only make me just learn how to appreciate everything better.

All of a sudden, after being so excited about work/training and shits, why do I still feel that I'm back at square one? Oh! I know. I clearly know why. A sudden call from HIM just destroyed my whole entire day and night. Just one fucking call and it ruined everything. How heartless HIM may sound over the phone, I am and never will be satisfied with the conditions. Just thinking about, what if the situation was the other way round. *sigh*
It's the month of May. And soon, middle of the year is arriving. It has been a long and traumatic 7 months of agonizing waits and procedures. I'm just hoping you would give up. Really. Because either way it is, it's your lost ain't mine. You're just putting yourself blindly into jeopardy.

Come to think of it. When all this ends... Where do I go from here?

I'm pretty much lost. Help?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Work is Fun!


I rather much procrastinated on work and yadaa yadaa. But dammit, I am loving what I'm doing by the days. Seriously. Although I have to painstakingly remember and apply what has been taught and literally killing me... Why do I still enjoy? I guess it must be with the current batch I'm with now and the very easy-going environment.

Basically, today is my 4th day into training. Counting down to 6 more days. Feels like it's going too fast because I'm yet to get the hang of it. Can I extend training? LOL. =P

Best part of my job is, "YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO TALK". (Quote by Nick) *yay...!*

Somehow or rather, I was first getting the impression of people telling me.. "You're so quiet..." Seriously, I'm so not. I talk alot... ALOT. I literally spit onto your face cos' I talk alot. Wtf.

Nah. When I'm at ease with a person, I tend to be a little more in my comfort zone and being myself.

Just wanna say thanks to Linda (poko), Doreen, Scott David, Dennis Chow, Elijah, Cher Ru, Sandra and a few others for making my day a memorable one. Congratulations to us for making into the company and it's been great. I enjoy being with you guys and thank God we're in the same batch. Now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get matching work schedules. Really don't know how I'd survive without you guys. My smoking and lunch gang.

Love ya'll.

Peace out.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Slippers/Sandals.. My Best Bud!

Alright. Some of you know that I've currently started my 2 weeks training at my new job since Monday. And yes, it has been going smooth. Alongside with a little of the shy me, first day was rather awkward. With new people to meet, and being with them for 8 hours a day, I'd say it wasn't easy to make up a conversation. I was much thinking to myself.. "Sheesh, I really need to talk to somebody cos' I don't wanna end up having lunch alone". Come break time, I manage to "create" a gang that I could talk with. Yeh. The smoker's gang. LOL!!!!

What's so interesting about the place I'm at is that, most of everyone just wear slippers/quarter pants/hoodie jackets.... to work. Yea. To work. The pantry is huge. Like a small cafe with table and chairs, kitchen, a bar, big sofa and a plasma TV with Astro. You can sleep there if you want. Watch tv if you want. =)

I love my job. Now the problem is... remembering everything that was being taught!!

Wish me luck!

7 more days of training to go before the REAL work starts!


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy MaMa's Day!

It's that special day where we celebrate of a special someone. Being a mother ain't easy. And yes, telling it from experience is totally different story. It wasn't easy for me being a mum. I never thought I would be one. Not at my age. Having to adapt to a very different life was difficult. And sometimes I never really see myself as a mother. I still act like my age. But as my daughter keeps growing and learning each and everyday, I force myself to be better. I'm not any better compared. I'm still trying. Learning to be better. I wish I was better.

At times like this, with my situation now.. I feel hopeless and useless.

But at such a time... when you get a sudden surprise from your daughter/ son, it turns my life around for that very moment. =)

My daughter was at school on friday. And she came back home with a surprise.

A-vys : (runs into my room..) MUMMY..!!!! I got something for you!!!

Me : Oh really?!?! What is it???

A-vys : Taaaaaaaaaaaaa................ *hands over a yellow crumpled paper*

Me : ........................................................!!!!!!! *sobs* =)

She made this for me in school. What more can I ask for? She colored each and every alphabet with different colors with self-fold crepe paper "roses" in the middle of the heart shape.

Mummy loves u, baby girl. With all my heart. I promise us a better future.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Media Prima Event

Today was the Media Prima event which was a special event that took place at the "famous" Sun & Surf Beach which was located inside Sunway Lagoon. A night to appreciate the media's widely known from NTV7, 8TV, TV3 and many more. Writers and editors from local magazines and newspapers were there to enjoy themselves. I was there because my ex-company was a sponsor for the event as well. So my ex-boss had called me up to helped her with the manicures that we're gonna do for them for free.

Belinda Chee was there as well, as the emcee for the night.
And yes, I can honestly say she's much prettier real life and very friendly. =)
There were a few other celebs there as well.

So here we are... less talk and move on with some pics that I took.

The event took half 2/4 of the beach, and it was set up quite in a way I imagined.
They had a theme party too. It was called "Sarong Party".
And yes, people came in fashionable pareo's and sarongs.
Really beach-chy mood. Hahaha.
Oh! And that red car you see there in the picture. One lucky asshole will win that in the lucky draw.


The little woody man-made walkway specially for the event.

The place where we'll do our set up.
It was effin' hot I'm telling you.
Sweating like piglets.

My ex-colleague and I. Just fooling around before setting up.

And I just had to camwhore to satisfy myself.

I was fucking excited because I get to be out.
I was dying to go Sunway Lagoon again before this. Dunno why. I love that place.

With the sand under my feet........................... *tickles*

And the fiery red hot sun above my head, burning my skin.

Aaaaa...~ BLISS.

I miss tanning under the sun. Feels like I was on a holiday.

As I was lying down on the lazy chair, camwhoring again...
I thought to myself..

Imma go change into my bikini's now. =)


I slapped myself hard in the face. I wasn't here to tan under the sun.
I was here for work.


Straightaway my mood gone.


The night scene. They had hula-dancers, fire-eaters.
So hawaiian-ish.
I like!

I wanna go for holiday!!!! And and and and... I wanna be working in a media too! They got effin' nice events to go too. FUCK! Jealoussssssss...................................................................

*throws coconuts at them*


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I'm a very bored girl now.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> see the poll on ur right???

Just answer it?


Monday, 4 May 2009

Inevitable Dilemma

What happen to us? Was it something I did? Was it something you said?

Memories was once yearning it ways through me. Somehow I knocked myself back to reality. The many arguments and words are left to ponder. Never to know who's fault was it to began with?

We were once filled with laughter, smiles and giggles but now it's has been taken over by frowns, sadness and tears. Words of love then, words of hatred now. Seem so displeasing. Moment of truth discovered. Stories unfold. I'm surrounded with the gloominess of shadows that I once saw before but I lied to myself over and over again not wanting to accept.

But now I'm left in despair. Too many a times my heart was being broken and yet again, nothing has changed. I took all your negativity and pinned to positive. I guess I was drowning myself from the very start. I seen it coming.

When everything is over, I want to erase you from my life. How? Seems impossible.

For now, it seems it's going nowhere. I was left hanging. You wanted this. So be it.

I'm waiting for the call.

It's been 3 months. When?