Sunday, 29 November 2009

Another day.

Wishing my MUM a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And wishing my MUM again and my DAD a very Happy Anniversary!

And to those whom I missed...

Wishing you a very Happy Happy Happy Birthday!


Hope you had a great one!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


No stepping on the brakes this time round. It's back to real work tomorrow and it's only hours away. To all my readers out there, I will try to update every now and then but do stick around okay? It's going to be a real busy-busy schedule for me.

Oh, if you have any ideas on a logo and a name for me, do leave me your suggestion and ideas in the comment?

Will be back soon!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

I... Seriously Can't Get Enough of This!

I can go on all day looking at funny craps like this. And sometimes I wished my brain was a fuck-tard so I can actually come up with ingenius ideas such as this. Enjoy!

And I get this like 99.9% of the time... KNS.

And I fucking love this... doesn't it make you wonder now??? *rofl*

And this is just one lame sucker...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Truth Awakens

The first thing I see in the morning is a girl staring back at me from the mirror in an over-sized tee, droopy eyes, out-of-bed messed up hair, thinking to herself... "Shit. I look this bad every morning". Movies are overrated with morning riser people who look and smile to themselves to the mirror and say "Good morning sunshine! It's a great day today!". And why do I not have that in the morning. I dread going to sleep. I just can't seem to be able to doze off. And when I do, I wake up and cursing to myself that I wished I was never woken up in such abrupt manner.

What happen to the happily ever after shit? Truth is there is never happy ever after. That only comes to people in Disney cartoon movies. And did you realize? 3/4 of the movies with real actors and actresses have episodes after a first movie. For example, The Fast & The Furious. Then you have the continuation of Fast & Furious. Then you have Harry Potter movies which you have Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's stone. Chamber of Secrets. Prisoner of Azkaban. Goblet of Fire. Order of the Phoenix and the recent Half Blood Prince. As we go along movies such as that, we can watch/read about the continuation of life after that on what happens and etc. What about movies on cartoons and such. There is probability of the ratio of 1:10 that has a part 1 and 2. But do you see the happily ever after like Cinderella, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and etc has part 1 and 2? What happens AFTER the poor dame has found her super-magical-prince charming-riding on a horse crap? They get married in the end of the movie and then? I wanna know what's after that. Did they have kids? Do they have misunderstandings and arguments?

Truth is growing up watching bull movies like that and having that a part in our lives really has given the misinterpretation and perceptions. Okay okay, it's only a movie, a story for entertainment. But still, we have this mindset of things such as that. And when in real life, we deal in situations.. We can't really handle them. People perceive things in a norm of ways we cannot imagine.

But really, if happily ever after do exist, please put me in the list. I would definitely like that alot.

Truth hurts like all the time. Do people really mean what they say? I'm not sure about that. But what I know is, we only listen to what we want to hear. Nice things for sure. Who doesn't? But when we get a smackdown, we hate the person who says all the crap about you. And the next you know, you feel unworthy of yourself and whatever confidence you have was simply and easily wiped out away.

We will never get exactly what we want. In many general terms I would say. Life in this moment is nothing but just give and take, having to settle what is better and easier both between people. We may not like what's being said or done but there is nothing we can do about it. Everybody is an individual. Everybody want what's best for themselves and I don't blame them. But what we can do to make a happier day is when everybody learns to communicate better, seeing everything from a bigger picture and hopes for the best.

Everyday as the time goes by, I learn a little of everything. When we are old and in our 50's or 60's, we will still keep learning as long as our heart is still beating.

The truth may not be the best, but it beats having fakers to live by.

And that's the truth.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Baby Girl - All Grown UP!

5 years of wonders. Seeing you growing up bit by bit through the days, weeks, months and years. It has been nothing but precious and blessed moments. You came into my life in such a short and swift time. 9 months of you inside my womb was too short the amount of time for bond. Listening to your heartbeat in me and the plentiful of kicks and punches, it was the most extraordinary experience one can ever have.

When it was time for you to come and venture in this world which is full of rocky pathways, lies, deceit, cons, the many adventures you will be in, I felt my hands shook. Because I know I can never pave the way for you all the way. There will be a day when you will say "Mummy, It's time to let go". It would be like the entire universe crashing down on me. But I will look back in time and know that I've tried my best. There would never be perfect.

5 years has gone by too quickly. And when I reminisce on the photos, tears will be in my eyes. The innocent little eyes. You had nothing to worry because everything was only fun and play. But just hold on tight, it will be a roller-coaster ride. =)

A dedication to you...

A-Vys Chan Khyio Jhyin


The many faces of a child. Be it silly or not, they always seem so cute. Imagine me doing it. It'll be like... WTF?!



So, I wish to thank you for coming into my life. I will hold your hands till the day I die.




Sunday, 1 November 2009

I want a kicking-ass name!

Greetings earthlings! Oh! Happy Halloween. So it's a day late. So what?

Anywayyyyyyyyy... Back to the topic. Have you ever come across of someone whom you know is ever-changing their Christian/English name? Alright. I cannot doubt the fact that I'm living here in Malaysia. Multi-racial of Chinese, Malay and Indians and all other sorts of mixture.

But in general, in Malaysia... Regardless of what race you are, everybody knows how a Chinese name goes.

Examples... ( if so happens you saw your name here, I'm typing it down as to what came across my mind with no intentions)

Like... my name. Chung Jen Ai. Or... Lim Ah Tong. Chan Kwan Meng. Tan Li Shen and etc.

This are how typical Chinese name goes. Their last name(surname) and given name. Some of us have the opportunity to have Christian/English names like Peter Lim Ah Tong or Michael Chan Kwan Meng. But some of us are just left with none. Like mine.

Okay, honestly... When I was back in primary school, I have always envied my peers for having Christian/English names. And I'll go "Is it in the I.C arrr? Yerrr... So lucky... I don't have!" But now, having it or not well, it doesn't annoy nor does it bothers me anymore.

I'm alright with people who has given a name for themselves or sometimes the Godparents gives them the Christian/English name and it's not written in the I.C.

But I just can't stand those who makes-up some fancy-ass name and changed them every now and then!

Real life situation. I have his friend. I won't say the name nor will I say it is a female or male. This friend whom I knew for many years and it's really obvious he/she has just the Chinese name on the I.C. Okay, fine. So he/she has came up with this nice Christian/English and would like to be called that way. Old friends, new friends, we have been calling him/her the name that was proposed. 2 months down the road, for all you know, he/she has decided that the name was boring and common so therefore has changed it. So we all knew him/her by the "NEW" name. Yadaa yadaa, point accepted.

Half a year later, changes... yet again. And oh, this time round he/she decided not to blab out to us personally. And I found out, he/she has directly changed it in the Facebook. (Now I know why I couldn't find it) =.=

It's not much of a big deal. But why go through the ordeal of changing it over and over again? I don't get it. It's either you hate your birth given name or you're just too bored. Let me tell you, there are 26 letters in the alphabet list from A-Z. Geniuses have came up with thousands and thousands of different names. Common names to names we have never came across on. There are names out there we will come across one day and find it nice. And we name ourselves after that, and the change will be neverending because we will ALWAYS find something that we'd like.

Well, I have no fucking idea on why I had to just rant about this. But it's kinda creeping up on me and irritates the hell out of me. Because it's just not 1 person I know. There are more than 10 people in my Facebook list whom I personally know who does that and whenever I do the monthly cycle of removing "unknown friends", I would "accidently" delete them off. Why? Because you never stick to your own bloody name. And when I see a name which doesn't ring a bell... BYE BYE!

p/s: I don't mind the occasional changed from using your own name to a nickname like some of my other friends do. But this are not bloody nicknames! It's a little too fucking obvious right? Even a dumb donkey... Wait... Okay, I rephrase, even a dumb-ass person can differentiate. =.=