Sunday, 26 April 2009

Another Day, Another Week, Another Month

I find myself starting to struggle all over again. Or maybe cos' I've been bumming for the past 1 week. It's been a slow, dreary week. And every minute is passing by with empty thoughts in my head. I wish life wasn't the way it is now. If I could turn back time, I will.

Somehow or rather, I feel like slapping myself hard on the face. I feel so immobilized.

Why on earth are you taking such a long time? You told me you wanted it to be quick. And now you left me wondering.

I didn't pay to see you taking your own sweet time. And don't even think of negotiating. Not anymore.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I know. The only word that could describe me is..

After all the frantic nervous breakdown...
I finally secured myself a better job.
Really much better job.
Now please let me story you.

I woke up approximately 8.30am. As usual, I lay around in bed and saying .."another 5 mins".. to myself repeatedly. Got ready and was looking everywhere for a black pants to wear for the interview. This is what happens when you are someone like me who doesn't wear office attire at all. Yea.

So dad took the initiative to send me to the interview. And so I thought was an 1 on 1 interview, pukimak.. the moment I reach there, there was hell alot of people who were actually eyeing on this job. The first thought that came into my mind was.. SHIT..!

The gents came in with ties and what-nots while the ladies were dressed up neatly. Holding in one hand is their carrycase/bag/laptops and another hand on Iphones and Blackberry's. I looked really pathetic. Really. I had to register my name on the list where suddenly the receptionist asked me for my resume. OOps? Of all things to bring, I didn't bring a copy of my resume and I told her that my referrer told me I didn't need to have one. She gave me this blood-shot eye look. Then she asked me for my relevant certificates. OOps again? I told her I don't have any certs. (I do not own any certs, mind you) And then she was giving the fuck face.. again. She can nicely say so loud to one of her colleagues.. "Eh, she doesn't have resume or cert.. How aahh??" And the colleague went.. "So? Just give her the form to fill la.." ZZZZzzzz.. I felt like shit and wanted to dig a hole there and then to hide.

So I went into a room to fill whatever form they gave me. After a while, I was joined with other 5 people who were in my 2nd batch to interview. The 1st batch interview already started and there were like more than 15 applicants waiting. Out of nowhere, the manager came into the room and asked if we have already finished filing in the forms when suddenly the receptionist told him about me. And the manager asked who was my referrer and he went .."OHH..! You're Jen Ai rightt...?? Yes Yes, I do not require to see your cert.." and the receptionist walked off silently. (Hit you right in the face.. YEH!
*JenAi does a peace squat*
I already suppose the receptionist was cursing me in her heart. Lolx.

So yea, it wasn't an 1 on 1 interview. It was a group interview. There were 6 of us. And we were required to give a brief introduction of ourselves and of all people to start, it was me. I was babbling away, trying to stay as calm and focus as possible. I thought to myself, in the end they are gonna give the same ol' bullshit.. "Don't call us, we'll call u" that kinda thing. I was WRONG! I was caught off-guard when the manager suddenly said.."I'm sorry so and so (forgot the name la), but you are not being offered this job as you can't speak well enough to our expectation..." OUCH!! And that poor boy left the building. Then the manager said, I won't waste anyone's time. Okaaay.

Then he pointed at the other 3 applicants and said.."Go for medical check up now".. And they were stunned. "Huh".. they said. "You're being offered this job".. says the manager. That was fast!! So then left me and another female applicant feeling rather out of place. I was rather sad that I didn't get in. Then he called us both out from the office and I was like.. Klaaa..!! This the end.. And when he suddenly said.." We'll call you to come in for medical checkup because you're the only both who can't start on Monday".. He kept quiet and then continued.. "But you're being offered and confirm for the job." YIPPEEEEEEEE DOOOOOOO...!!

Yeh.. I couldn't start on Monday like the rest because there were all mostly unemployed at the moment. And I was still working in my current job and have to give a notice that I resigning. So the earliest I could start is the end of the month. =)

I'm sooooooooo happy. The working environment there is so upbeat. Lively I would say and noisy! It was bright and had balloons everywhere. It was like a playground for adults! People everywhere with their call headsets around their head, rows and rows of flat screen monitors and yadaaa yadaaa. Yeh. Time for me to have a different feel of work.

And most of you were asking, what job did I apply for. It's for an Australian low-cost airline (like AirAsia) but it's called JetStar. You Aussies would know. First inbound call centre for Malaysia. Cool-ness.

I can't wait!


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dee Dums

Right after when I finally passed the half year of working, stabilizing in a job which I would labelled as "stable", and there we go again with incoming job offers. Not like I'm complaining. Very good offers which pays double to triple and even more the amount that I'm currently receiving.
With all this recession shit that has been going on, I fore-see myself venturing into a new line of work.
Good.. No?
I "complained" to a friend earlier this evening on about the job offers that was offered
and yes I had a good sounding back.
People are dying outside just to get an average income job while I'm spoiling myself in deciding with 2 options. Lucky me guess.

And the yadaa kept going on. I secured myself with an interview tomorrow. Me prays and keeping fingers crossed. If it's mine, it's mine. If it's not. What the hell. Got nothing to lose.

Less about work. More to personal. I'm at the status of " Fuck that shit". Yea. Taking money out like water is crap. And YOU being demanding ain't helping at all. What I think was true.

YOU hate me. But don't take it out on your own ________. Seriously. YOU are the ________ goddammit. Act like one. YOU not ______ for anything and yet YOU still demand alot.
Bring this to ______ but I'll win for sure. Not like you have been a good _________ and _________. Pretending and thinking highly of yourself, YOU are just making fools.
YOU and your whole _______.
Thank God I'm _________ more than YOU.
I do not _______ YOU anymore. I'm ______ YOU are out. I've got ______ better.


Yah, I know. Friggin' idiotic me typing like this. What to do?

Monday, 13 April 2009

Yadaa Yadaa

God only knows how fucking of me being disoriented from work. Stress and piles of work loads up to my shoulder giving me an ever painful burden to carry.

I'm tired. So fucking tired that I can no longer put my mind at ease. With so much pressure going on... Sigh, I just wish I could type out everything straight forwardly in here. But part of me says DON'T. It's the online world of blogging. There are fucking lame-o ass people who comes reading my blog anonymously and start ranting rage on me. Fuck you.

As the days go by, my backache is kiling me. The feel of it as though it's breaking worries me.

Fucking stress-la. Dunno what fuck to write. Can't think!!!!

Will be back soon.