Monday, 28 December 2009


First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating any sooner. It has been busy. Really.

And I would like to wish everyone a very belated Merry Christmas
and to all
December babies a very Happy Birthday

And also I think I would miss updating on New Year's Eve. Wishing everyone of you a
Happy New Year

This year has been a shit-ass year and hopefully with my fingers and toes crossed, 2010 will be a better and joyous one.

So, what did you do for Christmas? Me? Well, I skipped counting down this year. Had a small party at home to celebrate dad's birthday on X'mas eve. And I fell asleep at 11.30pm. So wtf.

Just a handful of my aunts and uncles and cousins on X'mas eve at my place.

Nothing much to shout about. It's been a dead lonely X'mas this time around.
Hoped you guys had a blasted one!!

What else happened lately?

I attended my company's annual dinner. I was pretty much not wanting to go. In the end, I did had some laughs here and there. Some of the entertainment during that night was worth watching although I only did looked forward for the lucky draw because they were giving out the damn Netbook laptop everyone's been eyeing on and the flight tickets. And dammit, don't even mention about that, I didn't even manage to win the smallest item which was voucher. How unlucky. =.=

Since May, most of you know that I've been working in a call center which we're dealing with Jetstar Airlines. I was the everyday-hear-complain-call-once-you-start-work agent on the floor doing inbound calls. After a while, I was immune to it and then I relatively got sick of it. So I applied to join the Admin team. A week later that's around end of November, my area manager has proposed a new task for me. So basically now I'm dealing with Jetstar head office in Australia doing Inflight Services. And basically, in the whole office, I'm the only weird one doing that. Everyday is email, email, email. Type type type. Read read read. Which I find it pretty laidback and less stressful compared to having answering calls and a point of time there is no pause in between. Being in Admin team, well... everyone is at their own pace. We can do whatever we want as long as we of course, finish our work.

Myself - Kate - Foong Leng

Kate has came all the way down to our office from Australia. She's the Jetstar Inflight Co-ordinator and basically was giving me the hands on training on the new task that I was given. Foong Leng acted as my back-up just in case I called in sick or on leaves. * yay * Given her 2 days to train me, her time here in KL was short and briefed. And she has been nothing but helpful and friendly all the way. And oh, the back is a view of less than 1/4 quarter of our office on the 16th floor.

But the Admin team has finally moved down to 7th floor because the 16th floor couldn't accommodate the many newbies that joined the company.

And mind you, the 16th floor is still the best place to work in. Take a look at photo and compare the liveliness. 7th floor is................ quiet. There. If I'm not mistaken, there are less than 20 people on 7th floor and there is always more than 60 people up in 16th floor.

My chosen table! Finally, my own privacy. I need not have to share computer and I need not having to come to work and start looking for an empty table to sit. Why this table? It's next to the window which I always have plentiful of sunrays shining in when I come to work, there's no one next to me and there is a post wall at the back. =D Sorry, table messy. I haven't got the time to decorate my table yet. So it's empty.

Come to think of it... I miss going to work.


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