Monday, 6 December 2010

Faces of People

Are you working? I bet most of you are. Are you working in an office environment where your desktop a.k.a computer/laptop whatever fuck top is your main asset to do your work?

Mine does. Every single one of us in the company that I'm working has a desktop each. Flat LCD monitor that comes with a keyboard and a mouse (Duh!) and a hardphone. Oh. Fret not. Our hardphones are never allowed to be used for personal calls. Whatever it is, I am not talking about what we have/have not in the office. I'm more like wanting to talk about the shittiest kind of characters you can find in an office.

Ok. So some of you work in a company which does not exceed more than 10 employees. Some close to 30. On a bigger threshold, some even close to 50. But my company has more than a 100 employees and I have gave up counting from the second week onwards since. We're ranged from different departments and currently 2 different floors. I would say 3/4 of the employess are the agents whereby they answer calls, and half in the remaining 1/4 is the management and the administration side. Well, I'm in the administration side. I gave up answering calls more than a year ago.

Have you ever gotten annoyed with certain colleagues? Dislike or just basically want nothing to do with them?

Let me list down the many characters that I have seen so far.

1. First we have the really snobby/stuck up ones whom they strongly agree to themselves that they are the most important asset to the company but doesn't give any input.

2. Then we have the just-got-promoted ones and have a sign on their head that says "I'm right, you're wrong."

3. Next is the super-friendly-can-talk-to-anybody ones but fact is everyone hadn't any choice but to "layan" because they simply just haven't had the heart to shut you up in your face.

4. And those "we love" are those people who only mixes in their own circle of cliques, where you walk pass them and they give you this awesome stare from the ends of hair to the tip of your toe.

5. What else? The loud-mouths. Those who talks like a loudspeaker and never have the conscience that some people are not interested to listen to whatever you are saying.

6. Then we come to those who pretends to be busy by slamming the fucking "Enter" button on the keyboard repeatedly and always heaving sighs to show dismay.

7. Then we have those who does their work but also having a few other windows open in the smallest size you can ever imagine to stream Youtube and Facebook. (Well, I do too. =P Just that I don't use my office comp. That's what Iphones are for. LOL.)

8. The ones that comes to work dressing like a slut. Ok. Rephrase. My company has an open policy whereby we can wear whatever we want to with of course giving us the trust ability that we do not over-dressed or under-dressed. The most common ones we have are the shirt, shorts and flip flops. Then we have the shirt, jeans, heels. Then we have the more dressier ones like tubes, skirts and platforms/wedges. (Ok fine. I'm more like dissing the females here) Then we have the killer ones like super-tight- skimpy-short dresses with boots/extreme heels.

9. Anymore? YES! We have the I'm-so-hot-I-can-get-all-the-girls ones. There are a handful of male employees here who thinks that they are all that. Hitting on every girl they can hit. With no respect during conversation (as in they talk to you like they are so fucking close to you that they think they have the rights to give you names like sweetie, honey, dear etc). Where the fuck has the harrasment rights flew to!?

10. And last (I have lots more but lets just keep it to 10 for now) the ones that takes anything/everything from your table without permission. There are always ongoing emails from "Who took my charger" to "I lost my phone". Srsly, haven't they heard of taking care of your own belongings? I wouldn't blame the person who took it. I blame the person who brought their "expensive" items from Ipods, personal laptops, mini speakers etc to work and leave it out in the open. And who's to blame? There are too many people around and there isn't any slightest chance that you can point your finger at. (Plus no CCTV inside the office, just the entrance and the lifts). Good luck.

Have you encounter any of the characters in the list? Oh? You have better ones? Come comment and share your worst.


melmonica said...

Haha. I certainly do have and going to work is literally like punishing yourself for the mistakes you haven't done. Literally like going to hell. But thank god I'm not in that company anymore. Moving on!

Diyana said...

you forgot about ass lickers/shoe shiners/tukag kipas satay bontot.

they always seem to get away with not doing any work.



ken said...

yeah.. pretty true.. we meet all sorts of people out in the working world.. but for my workplace, so far so good :)

HuiLinG said...

I super like this post!
My company has a lot of employees too, I think more than 200.
Everyday will see different faces and also seeing different characters.
Sometimes really cannot tahan these kind of people!
But yet, we learn to deal with different type of people!

Anonymous said...

are u chung jen ai?

Jen said...

No. Is that your concern?

Anonymous said...

owh okay..i thought u were my friend when i'm in standard 1

Jen said...

and what primary school are you from in standard 1?

Anonymous said...

sek ren keb sultan alam shah (1)
class 1 hijau

Jen said...

Hmmm. U got that right. Lol.

And your name?

Anonymous said...

omg!! is that u? but i dunt think u still remember me..coz i moved to subang jaya in the middle of the year. but we used to be best fwen at dat time..btw, i'm musfirah..and i'm wearing tudung at u remember me?

Jen said...

The only person I remembered during that time was just one Chinese girl and one Malay girl. But I can't remember the names. The Chinese girl is in my facebook though.

I can't believe you still remember me!!! Lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..i also only remember you and one malay girl, named raihan.
& i more thing i remember about u is u have a sister, jen ni rite? when we were in std1, she's in std4..same class with my sister also..=)

can i add u in facebook?

Jen said...


Anonymous said...

hmm..i can't search u..maybe coz of ur privacy setting..

y dont u add me..