Sunday, 20 March 2011

Going Green? (I thought earthquake and tsunami are natural disaster)

I was bewildered at the statement that has unintentionally provoked the public. Facebookers and Twitterers are not being left out either. In within 15 minutes, my Facebook wall has been flooded with news and video links to what has happened.

I generally am not into political and have no interest to spark flames but here is 2 vids to those who didn't manage to watch it.

Our Malaysian First Lady video. Her comments on the recent tsunami in Japan.
click here

Another video that many public has agreed on its lashbacks on Rosmah, our Malaysian First Lady.
click here

Nah, don't worry about the links. No virus. LOL! It's just a direct link to youtube. I'm just to impatient to wait to load vids into blog. Takes too much of a time. =P

My guess on what our First Lady said might and might not imply something different. Well, different people different perspective. She might have said it and meant exactly what it was and she might have meant something else but did not put her words rightly.

Whatever it is... It had definitely made impact on Malaysians and being called "Stupid Malaysians Bastards" ain't really a good thing to go for especially for people from other countries.

"We aim to put Malaysia as a global... well, guess they marketed us and gave us such an insulting way. Now the world knows how idiotic we are"

I won't say much as I'm not a "keyboard warrior" slashing every comments out there.

You judge yourself.

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