Thursday, 8 January 2009

Boredom Work Day

After the yuletide Christmas and jolly New Years has passed, it has been a very quiet week at work. I'm very much anticipating the CNY crowd as most of the appointments are taken up one by one. The past 2 days has been extremely quiet so my colleague, Ee Ling has offered to paint my toenails and pamper me up abit. We were so bored, seriously, things we do in the shop is exceptional.

Best part of working in a "beauty salon" is that I can get my manicure and pedicure done whenever I want and for fucking no charges. Obviously. Most of you now know that I'm currently working as a manicurist at The Gardens, MidValley. So.. benefits? =)

Ee Ling offered to paint my toenails and I chose this. Gold base color with tiger-like black stripes and lots of gold glitter. Really. It looks better real life than in the pictures.

I didn't bring my cam so my Nokia has been taking all this lousy-ass pics. Do no justice.

After painting my toenails, I let it dry a little and went and get my leg WAXED! The pain is... bearable. I did bikini waxing as well.. but sorry, my ugly tummy ain't not gonna be shown in here. xD Now I have silky smooth legs and bikini line. Woot!

This is taken from the entrance. Yeh. This is where I work. Nice? Massage chairs and jacuzzi foot bath.
What more can a girl ask for.. a nice pampering session. =)

Last but not least. In the back room where we sit/sleep/eat/talk cock/sing song.

I look dam fucking nerdy with my glasses.


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milochel said...

I think it runs in the family..

I look super nerd with my specs too til frens get a shock at how diff i look with specs and w/out...

*starts singing "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson*

Lol :) love ya couz..