Monday, 5 January 2009

Mission : Accomplished!

Mission : My baby girl's first day of kindy school!


I was as usual being paranoid and all. And was simply wondering to myself if she's gonna stick and clinged to me for dear life.

Answer is.. No. =)

She was alright at first when we got there till SOME KID decided to play the notorious. Yelling, kicking and screaming. Literally smacking the teachers face. xD I found it hilarious tho. Mainly caused the teacher was struggling and the kid had simply drained her from all form of energy. LoL.

Baby girl got a bit frightened. All I can say is, I'm really proud of her. She maintain cool only.

Then the school bell rang.

Assembly time! While she was lining up with the other kids according to their age, I started to laugh to myself. Gosh. She doesn't look like a 5 years old. Even the 4 years old kid are taller than her! LOL. Mini sial.

I was wondering what she was doing. Full concentration.

I'm waiting till she comes back. Hell lots of story to be heard later.

What can I say?


1. labor pains
2. odd hours of sleep
3. nappy changing
4. shopping woes
5. eating dilemma
6. late night hours
7. scrape knees/cuts/bruises
8. punishment/timeouts
9. notorious tantrums on the floor
10. first day of school
11. homeworks
12. sports day
13. parent-teacher day
14. graduation day

and the list keeps going on and on and on....~


Anonymous said...

tht's great to hear tht. Im happy on what u go thru... :)

Johnny Foo

Lynnie said...

weee! congrats darlin! :)

before you know it, she'd be sneaking out of the house, skipping school, etc. LOL! said...

yeah, good to hear that. she's mini because u're a mini too :P



Calvin Soo KJ said...

your girl's so cute. im trying one for my own, just married in june, going thru the best time of my life. btw, 1st time here. you write very well... :) cheers and god bless.

Diyana said...

when i have kids, i wanna giv em cool names, have u noticed how cool "Avys Chan" looks on a name tag?? so jeles.

milochel said...

eh couz... you know why she looks so mini...

*drags jenai to the mirror and compares her with chel*

SAW THAT!!!! =.='''

Now you know why...

David said...

You do have a lovely little girl!

Take good care of her, as she is growing up in an ever complicated world.

I found your blog a short time ago, and find your lifes story and adventure living life worth following from across the Pacific!