Monday, 13 April 2009

Yadaa Yadaa

God only knows how fucking of me being disoriented from work. Stress and piles of work loads up to my shoulder giving me an ever painful burden to carry.

I'm tired. So fucking tired that I can no longer put my mind at ease. With so much pressure going on... Sigh, I just wish I could type out everything straight forwardly in here. But part of me says DON'T. It's the online world of blogging. There are fucking lame-o ass people who comes reading my blog anonymously and start ranting rage on me. Fuck you.

As the days go by, my backache is kiling me. The feel of it as though it's breaking worries me.

Fucking stress-la. Dunno what fuck to write. Can't think!!!!

Will be back soon.

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