Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dee Dums

Right after when I finally passed the half year of working, stabilizing in a job which I would labelled as "stable", and there we go again with incoming job offers. Not like I'm complaining. Very good offers which pays double to triple and even more the amount that I'm currently receiving.
With all this recession shit that has been going on, I fore-see myself venturing into a new line of work.
Good.. No?
I "complained" to a friend earlier this evening on about the job offers that was offered
and yes I had a good sounding back.
People are dying outside just to get an average income job while I'm spoiling myself in deciding with 2 options. Lucky me guess.

And the yadaa kept going on. I secured myself with an interview tomorrow. Me prays and keeping fingers crossed. If it's mine, it's mine. If it's not. What the hell. Got nothing to lose.

Less about work. More to personal. I'm at the status of " Fuck that shit". Yea. Taking money out like water is crap. And YOU being demanding ain't helping at all. What I think was true.

YOU hate me. But don't take it out on your own ________. Seriously. YOU are the ________ goddammit. Act like one. YOU not ______ for anything and yet YOU still demand alot.
Bring this to ______ but I'll win for sure. Not like you have been a good _________ and _________. Pretending and thinking highly of yourself, YOU are just making fools.
YOU and your whole _______.
Thank God I'm _________ more than YOU.
I do not _______ YOU anymore. I'm ______ YOU are out. I've got ______ better.


Yah, I know. Friggin' idiotic me typing like this. What to do?

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