Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Kicking It In

Finally am back!

I was stuck at home for 5 days. Was up and down with unreasonable temperatures of fever, flu and cough. And gosh, it was really sickening. I'm sick of being sick and every month there is bound to have some sort of ill. I am like a walking pharmacy with all sorts f pills and painkillers and a walker sick-KER.

I was back to work as usual today. Things was still going as usual in the office. The merry bunch of them. And the worst part I hate is waking up as early as 5am and just getting into my Outlook inbox *eye open big BIG* 5 days worth of flights information, delays, cancellations, news and yes, the usual spam emails. And knowing I couldn't just delete it all at a go. I have to go through it one by one and sort out and compile important links if there was any. I started my day off at work with not much of a decent mood. I need to find a new way to pump the motivation.

On the other hand, I am very much looking forward to my baby girl's end-year school concert this Sunday. She has been showing me on what songs she was singing with her kindy-classmates. Simply adorable even though I haven't got a clue on what the hell she was mumbling on. LoL. But she is very excited about it. She has lots of activities going at the moment. She return home from school late as she had her concert rehearsal, and next week, she's going on a school trip to the Zoo. How nice it is to be a kid. No worries in her day and it's all play. And all she needs was to ask me for $$$ to buy her books for school and school outings. Ain't that fun?

And aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Off day tomorrow. I need sleep. I need sleep. I need sleep.

Time to lie and laze on my bed eating chips with soda and watch good ol' re-run movies on DvD.

Good night...! =p


rodney said... remind me back my concert back in my kindergarden was an Indian dance..haha

the name is jen ai said...

ma ge hai.. indian dance!?! aahhaha...

got vid boh? i wanna see.. !!