Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ni Naw Ni Naw

I'm such a mean ass person. Did something today at work which was satisfying for me but for that poor girl on the phone... well, just put it this way. She called on the wrong day and the wrong time to start off with and got her call diverted to me. HAH! =p

Shit happens.

Well, time flies. Literally. It's been close to 5 months now since I've started working. So far so good. I presume. Nevertheless, life goes on. The usual drama never ends. Come to think of it, it's passed middle of the year. What happens next? I'm counting down the days to Monday. Least I expect things to happen, the faster it comes and it's scaring the hell out of me. I don't know what to think of. These are endless days of plentiful excruciating thoughts that plays on a random time in my head. Problem is that it stops, rewinds, plays and repeats all over again. =.=

OH! And finally, the long wait has arrived. I finally gotten my permanent shift which starts at the end of the month. The joy of not needing to sleep at the appointed time to just wake up at 5am to go to work. *waves poms poms* And will happily accept the weekends off with open arms! Nyahahaha!

I was on Twitter just a while ago, and this Twit caught my eyes.

" 90 people get Swine Flu and the whole world wants to wear a surgical mask,
20 million people have AIDS but still nobody wants use a condom.

Rock on X! You're the man! HAHA.

But have you seen the craze on surgical mask? They even have Hello Kitty's branded on it. WTF? And no, I'm not that free to post pictures on that here. Just thinking on how the world makes money out from viruses and sickness. It's a sickening fact. Unfortunately.


budleee said...

gosh, that tweet is so true...

but then i don't wear a mask either >:)

the name is jen ai said...


Same here. I don't wear it either!

Diyana said...

me neither. and i'm the closest to the airport. *gasps*

the name is jen ai said...

LOL. yea seriously.. u shud! hahaha