Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Doctor, Doctor! Hurry up?

So I've been traveling up and down for the past 3 weeks from the family clinic, to a specialist center, to the hospital and since ever then is the usual back and forth routine.

My family GP doctor had wanting to write a referral letter for me to go the private hospital which then beforehand, my parents were advising me to go to the government hospital first. I have always dislike going to the government hospital. Not that I ever had my fair chance to go to the government hospital, but just accompanying family members last time.

So you know my dilemma right now? I don't think you know it yet. Some of you might think (after reading this whole crap I'm typing) that it is a norm experiencing all this in the government hospital. But I'm just far too pissed off to know what you think because I am never ever stepping a foot into government hospitals again.

I'm gonna tell you why.

On the 5th of January, I started my year by visiting my family GP doctor for a check-up. I have always been having backaches ever since giving birth to A-vys. But recently, the pain I've been getting was far more intense and far more regular. There was never an hour in the day which I can just feel normal. I was having hard time bending and even sitting down for a mere 15 minutes is giving me much pain. So my GP has advised me to get an X-Ray done. Which I did. I went to the Sime Darby Specialist which was formerly known as Megah Medical Center at Taman Megah on the 6th of January. Gotten my X-Ray and collected it in just about an hour or so. Which I thought the service and efficiency was fantastic. Sped off to my GP again, he took a look at the X-Ray, first note off from the GP was that I didn't have any abnormalities but I had scoliosis. So he wrote a letter to PPUM (Pusat Perubatan University Malaysia) which also commonly known as University Hospital.

On the very next day itself, I went to the hospital hoping to see the Orthopaedic surgeon to get a more insight and report on my back. I went there like a lost little puppy. There are the ever-always long queue's and the place is just over-crowded. So I took my number as told by the receptionist and waited. And I waited and waited. Finally about an hour later, my number was called. Went to the counter, gave them the referral letter and was only told to come back on the 13th of January as that was the earliest appointment available and they are limiting the doctor to only see 8 patients a day. I was reluctant to agree to the "earliest appointment". Mum was there with and she interrupted and this was how the conversation went...

Mum : Can't she see the doctor now? How long have to wait?

Lady at the counter : You want see now can...! But you see now is normal GP only-la! What for!?!?

Mum : Hah?!

Lady at the counter : *stares back at me* You how long back ache ar??

Me : 6 years.

Lady at the counter : *stares back at mum* You see! 6 years already for what you want go see GP?? Of course must see the specialist. But have to make appointment la. *takes a book out* Ahh... earliest appointment is 13th Jan at 1pm. Ok aa?

Me : @!!#$!#@! Ah ok laaaa...

Just because she said that, I took her words for it when she made the appointment for me to see the Orthopaedic surgeon on the 13th of Jan. Needless did I think of anything else.

And a long wait for today. So knowingly for the fact the lady had made an appointment for me at 1pm, I got up a little later and reached to the hospital at 12.15pm.

Went to the counter to take the number again. And suddenly the computers there had a malfunctioned and the lights went off a bit. Everyone was quite confuse on what's going on. There were heaps of people trying to press the button on the machine to get a number and the machine wasn't working. I saw some people trying to ask for help at the counter but nobody couldn't cared less. And I was glad that I took my number already. So as I was waiting I saw all this people without a number lining up at counter #1 to get their shits done. Mum was there with me as usual and she went and see what's going on. Mum asked me to just go there since it was almost 1pm for my appointment. So i did.

First up, she took my letter, gave me a number and told me to wait. At that time was 12.45pm. I got my number called at 1.15pm, did registration and then was told to wait for them to call my name. Waited. And my name was finally called at 2.00pm. Followed a nurse to the Orthopaedic clinic and was told to take another number. (At that point of time I was already very much in pain and frustrated) My number was called at 2.30pm, paid some money and was given another bloody number and was told to wait again.

I waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Got hungry. Was in so much pain. And still was waiting. And finally I was glad they called my number. And it was already 4.45pm. Got in the room. Just bloody 10 mins in the room. And I was done.

So you ask me why was I so pissed? I tell you why. I waited for God knows how long and in the end of the day, I was referred back to see another fucking ass GP. And what made me angrier was that she doesn't bloody know what the hell she was doing. I brought my X-ray along. She took it out and placed it on the screen. AND SHE BLOODY PLACED IT UPSIDE DOWN and she has got the balls to tell me, " Hmm, I don't see anything wrong with your back..." HELLO!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? It's the other way round!!!! And all she said was.." Oh, Sorry sorry."

Next nightmare was, another doctor came in and he was really extremely unprofessional. He tapped me on my shoulder and was asking what's wrong. The lady doctor couldn't even explain what's wrong after all that I told her. He asked me to stand and bend over and was asking me if it was painful. OBVIOUSLY!? He was rushing through his words and said," Put her in physiotherapy, make appointment with the spinal surgeon, faster faster!". GOD!! What's with the faster faster!?!? And that hit me. Make appointment with the spinal surgeon?! Am I not talking to one now? NO! She was just a bloody GP. And all she could say to me was, "I think I need to make appointment for you to see the specialist and err... earliest appointment is 4 months later.

She asked me if I had epidural when I gave birth. Because she said sometimes epidural can give an effect later on in the years. I told her I DID NOT had epidural and it was a natural birth. Best part is, she told me this after I told her I DID NOT HAD EPIDURAL. " Oh, I think you get backache because of the epidural"

Bengong!!!!!!!!! Seriously what the fuck!? I already said DID NOT HAD EPIDURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LONG STORY CUT SHORT. Let me summarize for you.

1. I had a letter from a GP to confirm that I need to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon, given the appointment and in the end was thrown back to a GP.

2. Waited for the whole day and no one was considerate enough to tell me where to go or what to do next.

3. I was thrown from 1 counter to another counter.

4. Even waiting to get the medicine, have to take number and waited for freaking 1 hour and there was 10 counters there.

I have alot more to say but I'm getting angrier and angrier by typing all this down.

OH! My meds? Is the same fucking painkillers I can get from wherever even though I had inform them I'm currently taking a 650mg painkillers and it's no use for me because I'm immune to it and they had the nerves to prescribe me the 500mg paracetamol. Which is less. So whats the point eating? You tell me.

The people at the counter loves taking their own sweet time. They don't answer your questions. And even if they do, they talk to you like you are a dumbfuck.

Fuck government hospital. They never gave me a good reason or any a good action on why I should return for my next visit. I won't even bother calling. Thanks to your "excellent" service. The GP there had only me to confirm that they couldn't care less of what you say. Why? Because she didn't bother listening to anything I told her.

I'm going back to Pantai Hospital. The place where I gave birth to A-vys. Yea, I still need to make appointment and yea I still have to wait. But it's better waiting for something that I'm suppose to be getting rather than waiting and being thrown around and thrown back to square 1.


mil0chel said...

i tink u may need co-codamol... not paracetamol already...

CypressYip said...

not paracetamol. take ponstan. yeah fuck government hospital, fuck government servant, fuck government body, fuck all government related stuff. fuck it

Ling said...

hey jenai.i would recommend you going to Dr Lee Joon Kiong from Pantai Bangsar. He has his own clinic over at Section 17 as well as at Tropicana Medical Centre. Of course, the consultation is cheaper at Section 17. Not too sure if you're using you're using your company's insurance. He is a very renowned doctor in this field...Hope this helps..

Get well soon :)

the name is jen ai said...

Rachel - That's why I hate it when they always prescribed bloody paracetamols cos' its no use bloody use to me. tell them already and still they give the same bloody ones.

cypressyip - ponstan also no use for me. =.=

Ling - hi! thanks for the suggestion. i was planning to go see dr.haswant from pantai bangsar, cos there is where i gave birth so they have all my medical records there. dr.lee you said? i'll try give his clinic a call to check on the appointments. thanks!

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting for me to read this article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. BTW, try to add some photos :).

the name is jen ai said...

Anonymous - Hey, thanks for dropping by. and thanks for commenting with suggestions. i'm glad that the post caught your attention. do visit again yeh?

chris_lim said...

Reading through. Nice blog u hv here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stress manifest itself in a lot of variations unto the human body, soul and mind. In a lot of cases it often manifest itself in physical conditions, for example; lower back pains. No doubt it would have been caused by you giving birth all those years back (in this case you really should see a orthopedic).

In most instances, stress, or stress related symptoms only comes to notice when there are other pressing things involved. Lack of sleep, malnutrition, physical stress and of course emotional and mental stress, etc.

I'm not suggesting you see a shrink, what I'm suggesting is a simple Chiropractor. Unfortunately I don't know any...

Anyway, it's just my two cents. :)

Oh yeah, take a look at this site, it might help...

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