Monday, 4 January 2010


New year? New look? Nah. It's just more of a new color. Well, not literally new color. Just another color of the color palette.

It's been back to work mode today. Piles of work to be cleared off by Thursday and I'm telling you, my back isn't helping me at all. The constant twitches and pain can be sometimes unbearable. And the fucking chair at my office isn't that oh-so-comfy either.

Training a girl at the office today! *weeee* Means, less hassle on my task as I will be able to divide out some work. Finalizing report on Friday would be more updated.

So how's the New Year been? Mine? Yarghhh. It's just the every other day bullshits. But it's the year of the TIGER! It's my year and I'm gonna make it work. No bloody bitches or bastards will stand in my way!

*NGAUUu...U...u...u... EH?!?!
This is more like a yawn... =.=


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah~ Much better!


Diyana said...

OMG! i din realise its iger year!

means we're turning 12 times 2 years old!

mil0chel said...

couz, consider getting a tigger tattoo? XD

the name is jen ai said...

Diyana - HAHAHA!! old faggotssss!!

Rachel - omg? duwan aaaaaa.... LOL