Saturday, 20 November 2010

Un-breakable Bond?

Days are a bore when it starts to rain. And when it does, it rains for hours.

Song currently on my mind...? Rain by Creed.

I really do think I need to own an umbrella. But the thought of having it just puts me off. It's heavy (Ok, not that heavy) to leave it in my bag. When I actually have to use it, it gets wet and then I'll have to hold it. Lazy. Plus, I think the umbrella doesn't like me very much. 10/10 times using it, 10/10 times getting my fingers clamped when I close it. Nay.

Anyhoos, it's been pretty weird. My baby girl has been so attached to me for no apparent reason. And what I meant was she sleeps in my mom's room. All this while for the past 3-4 years or so. I don't know why but she refuses to sleep in my room. She doesn't mind coming into my room to play, but she does not like sleeping in my room. She said she was scared. HUH?! (Ok, do not scare myself now) So, I allow her to have her freedom in choosing where she wants to sleep. But I fret not because yea, she's a lot more closer to my parents, especially my mum. Due to the fact that I have to work and my mum takes care of her throughout the afternoon?

But then, just yesterday night... (apparently she cried first when she was in my mums room) my mum came into my room with my baby girl with puffy eyes and her red nose, saying " I want Mummy". So I told her to come on the bed and tell me why is she crying. And she said " I want Mummy...." (cries even more). So I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me and she said yes. Done.

... half hour later

"Mummy, when I sleep... (sobs between words) you.. you.. carry me to grandma room okehhh?"

Eventually she DID NOT sleep because she refuses to close her eyes, I asked her if she wanted to go back to my mums room. She said yes. So I took her back there. Done. (Finally I could get some winks as it was really late)

... 10 minutes later

She was back in my room.


Patted her to sleep while counting the glow-in-the-dark stars I had all over the ceiling and wall of my room with her, she finally slept.

Next morning came, I had to go to work. Dad dropped me off while mum and baby girl tag along as they wanted to head out to the morning market. Baby girl started crying again. Sigh.

The hardest part? Walking off into the office building while seeing her crying her heart out.

The best part? Coming back home to see a smile on her face, knowing she was looking forward to see you.

I questioned myself. Bliss can be painful at times.

The Love I Have For You Is Unimaginable.


ken said...

love knows no boundary :)

Diyana said...

she misses you.