Thursday, 19 February 2009


*bangs head on wall*

The weather is really fucked up. Hot like ma' fucks. Feels like sitting in an oven.

Anyhoos, I'm still very much alive and kicking although it has been a few trips down to the doc this couple of weeks. And $$$ has been flying out from my wallet like water. *heaves a heavy sigh* How-la like that........

Tomorrow is work day again! Been on MC for the past 3 days. And I'm not happy about it. 3 days loss of commission. Cannot cannot... Must go work!

And oh... Finally, I've been spending so much time with my girls lately. And i'm appreciating it. Been so long since I seen and chill with them.

Best thing is....

Camwhoring has never felt better.!

And when you're with the right group of friends, it means fun fun fun.

And when you're with the group... there will always be more smiles on my face. =)

And even now taking on singlehood road, there are times of loneliness and much tears... friends do know how to cheer me up....

And what surprised me was... no one really knew where I was working particularly on Feb 14... getting a bouquet of flowers delivered to me was really special. *blush*

And not just one...

I received 2. =)


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JustJasmine said...

wow 2 bouquets!!! wow! u r so loved!