Sunday, 5 July 2009

It's that +1 season again

Much to my surprise, another year has come and gone. And I meant adding another year to my age. Since I was small, I never once missed celebrating my birthday. Even if it was with my family or friends, it is celebrated one way or another. At home, a fancy restaurant, at a club...

And not too mention, the last couple of years, I celebrated my birthday and burned a hole in my pocket. If I'm not mistaken, I spent almost RM700 on my 21st birthday and last year, a whopping number almost reached RM1k.

But this year, it's another 10 days more to my big day and I'm not planning anything. Seriously. Those who has known me for years will be expecting me to be going ga-ga about deciding what to do. Not this time. I'm planning to have a quiet birthday this year and not spending a bomb in the club. I'm thinking about a short vacation by the beach or something. Somewhere nearby. Mum was asking me.. "Steamboat at home..?" And I told her, "Well, maybe not. I'd probably go for a short holiday". Instead of spending money opening endless bottles in the club, I might as well spend it on me this time round. =) We'll see...


By the way, have you read my recent post about my job? Did you rather find that entertaining? I have another story to tell. Here goes...

If I'm not wrong, this happened when I was on the 12pm-9pm shift. Calls were going alright... right until it was almost 8.30pm when my shift was about to finish. This man... I'd say late 40's in his age? He called and ask me to check on a booking. When I got to his booking, it was for like 60 passengers on one single booking. Normally, we're not allowed to touch those kind of booking. Because for a large group to make on a single booking, they are suppose to call to another department.

Here goes the conversation (a short-editted conversation that I can still recall) :

**Let's just put the name of the man as Mr. X**

Mr. X : I have a booking for 60 pax and "YOU" cancelled my flight! *angry*

Me : Mr. X, can you please rephrase what you've just said. I can see it's a booking for 60 pax and you will need to call the group booking instead and plus, it wasn't "ME" who cancelled your flight. *annoyed*

Mr. X : I don't care who cancelled it, but it is cancelled!

Me : Yes, I can see that.

Mr. X : Can you just transfer the call to somebody whom I can speak with regarding about this.

Me : No, I can't transfer your call.

Mr. X : ...................................................................... *he kept on babbling on God-knows-what*

--- the conversation went on and on and on till this part right here

Mr. X : Can you just put me through to somebody because I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.

Me : Excuse me, if you think I don't understand English, what language do you suppose we're communicating now???

Mr. X : *silence*... Errrrrr..... *long pause*.....

Me : Riiiight... *bloody smack in the face*

OMFG can die dot com.

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Acey Tang said...

These type of chee bai ppl just hantam them and hang up on them only.