Wednesday, 8 July 2009


What should I write about? I'm surprised that I can't think of anything right now.. Sheesh.


*10 minutes later*


I gotta get up early tomorrow. Yawn. At this rate of waking up at 5.45am to go to work is really killing my appetite again. Right after I got so used to working the 12pm-9pm shift.

I was blog hopping just awhile ago. Fooling around in Facebook. Scratching my backside. Digging my nose and thinking back what did I buy at Watsons that cost me RM60 bucks.

*peeks into the shopping bag*

Pad? Panty liner? Lip balm? Vitamins? Mint? Pocket tissue? MAHAI...! All this cost me RM60..?? I'd just probably go the supermarket next time. Definitely much cheaper there.

Okay. I'm feeling the drowsiness from the painkillers.

I'll write something more read-able next time. Ta~

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