Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Need...

Is enough ever enough? Enough is never enough. That statement sums it all. We all will never have what it's enough. We can never get enough food. Much so to say you get full and stop eating and practically eat again after a few hours. We can never get enough of clothings. We wear it once and we always have to wear something new. We can never get enough of money as everything in this world needs money to buy something from. Even the most nutrients we need for our body in order to survive, we have to use money to buy.

But a few examples of that are mainly physical things/items that we can see, smell, touch, hear and feel. But what about the emotional needs? Things that we cannot obtain by buying it. Love, care, patience, understanding and etc.

This are things we have to get for ourselves. But how does one gets it? I have not the slightest idea but we do feel it, don't we?

Love? It hurts. 95% of the time. Now that's an understatement. I have know a few people who always says "Don't have gf/bf so difficult. When already have, also so difficult". So, you tell me. Is there ever enough? People take whats for granted, lost it and regrets. But why must we humans have this mindset thinking?

Care? We all do care for one another. Not just towards another human being. Towards nature. Towards their own belonging and so on. But do we really care for it? I saw this bloke the other day, he was one of those "volunteer" participants who opted to do their part for recycling. Passing around leaflets to promote and to encourage the passer-bys to join in. I think that is a great effort. But lo and behold! Coincidently the next minute (while I was still walking around the corner), he finished drinking his can of Coca Cola, walks towards the colored bins. Common ones we see is bins for papers, plastics, glass and aluminium. So where does he throws his can of Coca Cola in? Into the bins for the papers. Recycling? Riiiigggghhhhttt!!!

Patience and understanding? I do not have anything to say about that. I'm just too lazy.

What more in this world do we want? I'm lucky to have grew up in an above average family. But I still do take things for granted. Most of the time I practically get what I want. Regardless of asking my parents to buy for it or taking my own money out to get it. Could we compare to a less fortunate family? Out of randomness, I'm just typing things I can think of on what sorts of things I already have. Laptop, set of television and a dvd player in my room, king size bed, psp, digital camera, mobile phone, sufficient amount of clothings for casual to fancy dinners, mp3 player, air-conditioned room, a drum set, acoustic guitar, a stable job.

Compared to a less fortunate family. They strive on candle-burning, oil lamp for light. Don't even mention about air-conditioning, they don't even have a ceiling fan. Mp3 player? More like old school radio that they still have to tune to get a frequency unlike radio's nowadays, just press a button, and it auto sets itself. Mobile phone? They are way to lucky if they even have one. Laptop? They don't even have a desktop computer what more internet lines. King sized bed? More like sleeping on a hard wooden floor with just a 1 cm of blanket thickness. Psp? More like playing hopscotch by drawing the lines on the floor.

I'm not saying that I'm rich. Don't get me wrong. But I do think that I am way more lucky to some other folks out there and yet I demand for more. Can we really appreciate things that are given to us?

So to summarized everything up again.

Is enough ever enough for you?

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Have a good night.


Diyana said...

no i guess, enough IS never enough kan? because we are nvr satisfied. we always aim for something better. that's just the way we are.

to keep wanting a better way of life is good. but i dun succumb to material wants, if i hav to starve to get the money to get something, then it's not worth it to me.

it's just human nature lar kan.

kenwooi said...

i never expect much.. sometimes.. not enough is already enough.. haha..

but some people want more.. that's why enough is never enough.. =)

Lynnie said...

It takes alot of discipline and self understanding to be contented with what you have.

But for mere beings like you and me, there's never enough! Like I don't get to see you enough babe.

I don't think even YTL has enough of properties.