Monday, 19 October 2009


Just when I thought everything was for the better. The bits and pieces of every problems comes into place, forming a big puzzle in between and for all you know, it's back to square 1 where I first started.

Some say I need to chillout more. Some say I need to relax. Some say I need a person who I can confide in. The only person who I can confide in has already has so much to bear. With me in it, everything will crumble and fall to the ground. And I have spend so much time building the foundation of it. And nothing will come between that. Some say I need to just share it out. If this continues, I might have to spend the rest of my days being an insomniac and popping on anti-depressant pills. Which I'm definitely not wanting to.

Maybe I need to find something that would pull my mind of this. Something I like to do to re-focus on everything else. Something I can do to stabilize my emotions again. I'm starting to think that my mind has full control over my body right now and I need to take back that control.

I just want to skip the pages. People say, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger". I'm beginning to mock that sentence. "What doesn't kill you will only kill you slowly".

Time. Where are you? Hurry up and get it done please? I'm about to give up.

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