Thursday, 1 October 2009

Life, a speck of dust?

I went to work as usual today. Starting the day unmotivated. Much towards the afternoon, I was just basically going through for the sake of working. As 4pm passes by, one by one, the office gets quieter. Most of my colleagues are on their way back home by then. I went down to the usual 4th floor for a quick smoke say around 6pm or so. I was tired and sleepy.

Suddenly, around 6.15pm. I felt dizzy. I looked around and the rest of my colleagues who are still in the office was still on call and yakking away. So I closed my eyes for a bit. When I open my eyes again, the dizziness was getting worse. I looked at my computer screen and it went left and right. I hang on to my desk as I thought I was about to faint. One of my colleague who was sitting on the other side of the cubicle, got up, stared at me and said, "Did you felt that?!".

That's what hit me. We're all up on the 16th floor of our office building and all of us felt the tremor. The whole building actually shook. Googled to check on the news, and it spread like wildfire.

An earthquake took its ugly rear and hits on Padang, Indonesia this time. A tsunami alert has been issued as the earthquake measured up to 7.9 on the richter scale. At the moment, this is the most recent news and there has been no contact or communication taken place.

Previously, the tsunami disaster back in 2004 has killed more than 220,000 people including men, women and childrens. The richter scale back then was measuring up to 9.3.

I just googled a while ago, back in 2004, there were predictions of a Tsunami will happen on the July 22 2009. Urban legend? Or is it a disaster waiting to happen? Predictions can never be accurate. We have long passed July 09. It's the end of Sept 09 already. Could this be the one?

These are photo's from the previous Tsunami 2004.

Imagine you were taking a long and relaxing dip in the swimming pool and that happens.
Would you even have half that second to run to save your life?

Mother nature's best yet disastrous waves.
With that high amount volume of water and pressure, everything was wiped out.

This is a photo taken of before and after. It was filled with greenery trees.
And now what is left is mud, sand and lifeless surrounding.

It was once surrounded with calm waters... and now?

The aftermath of it.
Everything has been destroyed.

Don't say more about broken homes and buildings. There were many broken hearts as well. After the tidal waves has came to its rest, bodies after bodies were piled up like dead fishes in the sea. What caught my eyes on this photo was, how devastated their families would be.

Were their bodies given back to their family so that they can be put to rest?

How long have they been lying there lifeless?

Were they even identified?

What has to become our world? War. Flood. Earthquake. Volcanic disruptions. Hurricane. Tornados. Fire.

Can all this be controlled? Can we stop it?

Fact is, we can't.


LaLa said...

True..We really can't..I really pity those kids..

kenwooi said...

i didnt feel it..
maybe didnt reach ipoh.. haha..
wanna feel it leh.. =P

the name is jen ai said...

LaLa - yea... one day they are having fun... the next you know... they are not even breathing.

kenwooi - u wannt feel it? lol.

Eric said...

Hi, I'm from Ampang, i felt the tremor too, the whole building shook violently, and that was my first experience on earthquakes. I think most malaysian will need to build saferooms in thir homes soon.

Diyana said...

the time has come. crazy shit happening everyday.