Sunday, 1 November 2009

I want a kicking-ass name!

Greetings earthlings! Oh! Happy Halloween. So it's a day late. So what?

Anywayyyyyyyyy... Back to the topic. Have you ever come across of someone whom you know is ever-changing their Christian/English name? Alright. I cannot doubt the fact that I'm living here in Malaysia. Multi-racial of Chinese, Malay and Indians and all other sorts of mixture.

But in general, in Malaysia... Regardless of what race you are, everybody knows how a Chinese name goes.

Examples... ( if so happens you saw your name here, I'm typing it down as to what came across my mind with no intentions)

Like... my name. Chung Jen Ai. Or... Lim Ah Tong. Chan Kwan Meng. Tan Li Shen and etc.

This are how typical Chinese name goes. Their last name(surname) and given name. Some of us have the opportunity to have Christian/English names like Peter Lim Ah Tong or Michael Chan Kwan Meng. But some of us are just left with none. Like mine.

Okay, honestly... When I was back in primary school, I have always envied my peers for having Christian/English names. And I'll go "Is it in the I.C arrr? Yerrr... So lucky... I don't have!" But now, having it or not well, it doesn't annoy nor does it bothers me anymore.

I'm alright with people who has given a name for themselves or sometimes the Godparents gives them the Christian/English name and it's not written in the I.C.

But I just can't stand those who makes-up some fancy-ass name and changed them every now and then!

Real life situation. I have his friend. I won't say the name nor will I say it is a female or male. This friend whom I knew for many years and it's really obvious he/she has just the Chinese name on the I.C. Okay, fine. So he/she has came up with this nice Christian/English and would like to be called that way. Old friends, new friends, we have been calling him/her the name that was proposed. 2 months down the road, for all you know, he/she has decided that the name was boring and common so therefore has changed it. So we all knew him/her by the "NEW" name. Yadaa yadaa, point accepted.

Half a year later, changes... yet again. And oh, this time round he/she decided not to blab out to us personally. And I found out, he/she has directly changed it in the Facebook. (Now I know why I couldn't find it) =.=

It's not much of a big deal. But why go through the ordeal of changing it over and over again? I don't get it. It's either you hate your birth given name or you're just too bored. Let me tell you, there are 26 letters in the alphabet list from A-Z. Geniuses have came up with thousands and thousands of different names. Common names to names we have never came across on. There are names out there we will come across one day and find it nice. And we name ourselves after that, and the change will be neverending because we will ALWAYS find something that we'd like.

Well, I have no fucking idea on why I had to just rant about this. But it's kinda creeping up on me and irritates the hell out of me. Because it's just not 1 person I know. There are more than 10 people in my Facebook list whom I personally know who does that and whenever I do the monthly cycle of removing "unknown friends", I would "accidently" delete them off. Why? Because you never stick to your own bloody name. And when I see a name which doesn't ring a bell... BYE BYE!

p/s: I don't mind the occasional changed from using your own name to a nickname like some of my other friends do. But this are not bloody nicknames! It's a little too fucking obvious right? Even a dumb donkey... Wait... Okay, I rephrase, even a dumb-ass person can differentiate. =.=

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Fadzly@RyCO said...

hi .. i found ur blog through nuffnang

i like the way explain the name changing situation of some person. usually this kind of person doesn't have a high self confidence and always affected with changes aroun them