Monday, 2 November 2009

Baby Girl - All Grown UP!

5 years of wonders. Seeing you growing up bit by bit through the days, weeks, months and years. It has been nothing but precious and blessed moments. You came into my life in such a short and swift time. 9 months of you inside my womb was too short the amount of time for bond. Listening to your heartbeat in me and the plentiful of kicks and punches, it was the most extraordinary experience one can ever have.

When it was time for you to come and venture in this world which is full of rocky pathways, lies, deceit, cons, the many adventures you will be in, I felt my hands shook. Because I know I can never pave the way for you all the way. There will be a day when you will say "Mummy, It's time to let go". It would be like the entire universe crashing down on me. But I will look back in time and know that I've tried my best. There would never be perfect.

5 years has gone by too quickly. And when I reminisce on the photos, tears will be in my eyes. The innocent little eyes. You had nothing to worry because everything was only fun and play. But just hold on tight, it will be a roller-coaster ride. =)

A dedication to you...

A-Vys Chan Khyio Jhyin


The many faces of a child. Be it silly or not, they always seem so cute. Imagine me doing it. It'll be like... WTF?!



So, I wish to thank you for coming into my life. I will hold your hands till the day I die.





kenwooi said...

haha.. cute and cheerful all the way.. =D

theeggyolks said...

I love the "mouse" picture the most! C.U.T.E!

Ray Titus Ong said...

she's so sweet and adorable.. btw have u thought of writing poems? ur post here is very poetic ^^

Diyana said...