Saturday, 8 May 2010

Here it comes!

It's that time of year again. Everywhere you go will be promotions for Mothers Day. The many ways of advertising. Banners, colorful signage, stage events, hi-tea buffets, gifts and etc.

So what have you laid out for your mom this year round? I'm just planning to have a quiet day spending it with my daughter and my mom and of course my sis and dad included. Everywhere will be hectic. The malls especially. Can't run away from the norm of it.

Yesterday as I got back home and went to my moms room where my baby girl was out, she saw me and she went "Oh! I forgot......." and she put her hands on her mouth. I asked her "Forgot about what?" She kept quiet and was looking at my mum. I was highly anticipating what has she done. Finally I got to know that she had made me something and her teacher at kindy had told her and the rest of her kindy-mates to only surprise their mothers on the actual day itself. And wa laa! She "kantoi" herself. So mom took her down to retrieve this "thing" she had made for me and she was making sure that I close my eyes. She came back, stood in front of me and said "Happy Mothers Day!" and gave me this printed A4 size paper folded into four mimicking a greeting card proudly showing me the dutiful-ness of the coloring that she did by herself.

Excited not?

Here's to all mothers, soon-to-be mothers, grandmothers...



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