Wednesday, 19 May 2010

One two... Let's Go!

While I sheepishly smile to myself on the thought that "HEY! Another lousy year gone by", everything else goes to green zone. Time still flies and waits for no man. I am grounded with that. Yes. However much I depressed myself since the last week, it flew by with no stop. Even If I had stopped to do something, the minute goes by. And I am grateful for that. Really.

Everyone hears the same old - same old term. One year older one year wiser. And unfortunately, I have never been wiser. I mean, I am a little wiser but I'm still me. How much I hated getting older day after day, seeing my baby girl all grown up has been a wonderful yet a tremendous exciting journey. While she was all small, wrapped in woolly pink and white cloth, there goes the dilemma of choosing the never-ending drama of how to dress your kid up, temper-throwing tantrums, eating habits, schools, education, tuition etc.

Despite all that, it's a heart-pumping experience to see how she grew. While I very much experimented certain things on her like piercing her ears at the tender age of 2, tying her hair in all sorts of patterns... She has never failed to put a smile on my face in between the rage that sometimes she gets me into.

Somehow or rather, I never do see myself as the perfect mum but yes I do want the best of things for her. It's rather difficult for me to see her grow with just a single parent myself but she gets plentiful of love from my family and friends. That I'm thankful for. Sometimes I wonder does she really know what's REALLY going on. I do wonder what goes on in that little mind of hers.

But push aside all the unforeseen and all uneventful matter, she is turning 6! Mummy's girl is a big girl now and paving her way into primary. Ahh. While I thank God that her kindy fees are finally over, primary school should be less expensive. But I fret. School books. Uniforms and all that. No wonder people are tying their tubes. Lol.

I hope for the better.

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