Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Slippers/Sandals.. My Best Bud!

Alright. Some of you know that I've currently started my 2 weeks training at my new job since Monday. And yes, it has been going smooth. Alongside with a little of the shy me, first day was rather awkward. With new people to meet, and being with them for 8 hours a day, I'd say it wasn't easy to make up a conversation. I was much thinking to myself.. "Sheesh, I really need to talk to somebody cos' I don't wanna end up having lunch alone". Come break time, I manage to "create" a gang that I could talk with. Yeh. The smoker's gang. LOL!!!!

What's so interesting about the place I'm at is that, most of everyone just wear slippers/quarter pants/hoodie jackets.... to work. Yea. To work. The pantry is huge. Like a small cafe with table and chairs, kitchen, a bar, big sofa and a plasma TV with Astro. You can sleep there if you want. Watch tv if you want. =)

I love my job. Now the problem is... remembering everything that was being taught!!

Wish me luck!

7 more days of training to go before the REAL work starts!


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