Thursday, 7 May 2009

Media Prima Event

Today was the Media Prima event which was a special event that took place at the "famous" Sun & Surf Beach which was located inside Sunway Lagoon. A night to appreciate the media's widely known from NTV7, 8TV, TV3 and many more. Writers and editors from local magazines and newspapers were there to enjoy themselves. I was there because my ex-company was a sponsor for the event as well. So my ex-boss had called me up to helped her with the manicures that we're gonna do for them for free.

Belinda Chee was there as well, as the emcee for the night.
And yes, I can honestly say she's much prettier real life and very friendly. =)
There were a few other celebs there as well.

So here we are... less talk and move on with some pics that I took.

The event took half 2/4 of the beach, and it was set up quite in a way I imagined.
They had a theme party too. It was called "Sarong Party".
And yes, people came in fashionable pareo's and sarongs.
Really beach-chy mood. Hahaha.
Oh! And that red car you see there in the picture. One lucky asshole will win that in the lucky draw.


The little woody man-made walkway specially for the event.

The place where we'll do our set up.
It was effin' hot I'm telling you.
Sweating like piglets.

My ex-colleague and I. Just fooling around before setting up.

And I just had to camwhore to satisfy myself.

I was fucking excited because I get to be out.
I was dying to go Sunway Lagoon again before this. Dunno why. I love that place.

With the sand under my feet........................... *tickles*

And the fiery red hot sun above my head, burning my skin.

Aaaaa...~ BLISS.

I miss tanning under the sun. Feels like I was on a holiday.

As I was lying down on the lazy chair, camwhoring again...
I thought to myself..

Imma go change into my bikini's now. =)


I slapped myself hard in the face. I wasn't here to tan under the sun.
I was here for work.


Straightaway my mood gone.


The night scene. They had hula-dancers, fire-eaters.
So hawaiian-ish.
I like!

I wanna go for holiday!!!! And and and and... I wanna be working in a media too! They got effin' nice events to go too. FUCK! Jealoussssssss...................................................................

*throws coconuts at them*



joshuaongys said...

u soh jor, slap urself...

the name is jen ai said...

yeh yeh. wanna help me slap me? LOL

jessbabe said...

i love love the sandals!