Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy MaMa's Day!

It's that special day where we celebrate of a special someone. Being a mother ain't easy. And yes, telling it from experience is totally different story. It wasn't easy for me being a mum. I never thought I would be one. Not at my age. Having to adapt to a very different life was difficult. And sometimes I never really see myself as a mother. I still act like my age. But as my daughter keeps growing and learning each and everyday, I force myself to be better. I'm not any better compared. I'm still trying. Learning to be better. I wish I was better.

At times like this, with my situation now.. I feel hopeless and useless.

But at such a time... when you get a sudden surprise from your daughter/ son, it turns my life around for that very moment. =)

My daughter was at school on friday. And she came back home with a surprise.

A-vys : (runs into my room..) MUMMY..!!!! I got something for you!!!

Me : Oh really?!?! What is it???

A-vys : Taaaaaaaaaaaaa................ *hands over a yellow crumpled paper*

Me : ........................................................!!!!!!! *sobs* =)

She made this for me in school. What more can I ask for? She colored each and every alphabet with different colors with self-fold crepe paper "roses" in the middle of the heart shape.

Mummy loves u, baby girl. With all my heart. I promise us a better future.


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